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Thursday, 27 September 2007

Mother Nature is a Mean Bitch

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Mother Nature is a Mean Bitch

by Mike Blessing []

As I’ve noted before (Oh, My Poor Aching Planet!), Mother Nature is a mean, cold-hearted bitch. She’s a killer that few humans can compare to — only Mao, the Soviet Union and Hitler have come close.

Checking at R.J. Rummel’s Power Kills site, we find that Mao is the all-time winner for humans engaged in mass homicide, with a body count of 76 million to his credit. Russia under the Soviets tried their hearts out for second place, and while Hitler give it his all, only managed to come in third.

On the other hand, Big Mama Gaia has offered humanity goodies such as smallpox, Ebola, bubonic plague, malaria, and cholera. While watching the Science Channel, I saw an advert from the National Geographic Channel for an upcoming show about the impending return of H5N1 “bird flu” — this one’s supposed to hit like gangbusters, unlike the previous “outbreak.”

Just peachy — doesn’t the above paragraph give you a warm fuzzy feeling all over?

Bubonic plague wiped out significant portions of the European population on several occasions — see here. Smallpox went through Europe at times and came close to wiping out the Siberian-Americans.

And that’s not mentioning other people-killers dropped on humanity by Mother Nature — getting to those now.

When the eco-fascists insist that humanity should work to “heal Mother Nature’s suffering,” what do they propose to fix Gaia’s self-inflicted wounds, such as those from earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunami waves, forest fires and droughts? What kind of legislation do they propose to prevent these events from happening, to prevent Mother Earth from injuring herself? After all, they support various victim disarmament proposals to protect us from hurting ourselves and others, just as they support agencies like the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Why should Mother Earth be left out? What is the Watermelon plan to prevent such events as earthquakes and volcanoes?

As if terrestrial death and destruction weren’t bad enough, there’s always some that the rest of the universe can deal out to us (and Mother Earth).

Most of the attention in Imperial Washington is focused on detecting and deflecting incoming asteroids. Comets approach the sun so quickly and are detected so late in the game that there’s not much of anything that we could do to deflect one headed towards us. And that’s just the stuff that’s regularly in the solar system.

There’s also supernovae, black holes, neutron stars and gamma-ray bursts to consider — if two neutron stars were to collide anywhere with 3,000 light-years of the Earth, it’s Game Over, and there’s nothing we can do, nowhere we can go, to save humanity (or any other terrestrial life). We don’t have the necessary technology to hide in bunkers (we can’t go deep enough) and we can’t leave fast enough to outrun the burst.

Maybe the Watermelons should form the Committee to Outlaw Disasters . . . ?


Mike Blessing has been promoting libertarian positions and philosophy for ten years since moving to New Mexico in 1994, and is Executive Heretic for KCUF Media.


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