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Thursday, 27 September 2007

The Irish Freedom Committee Presents “Hidden Agenda”

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The Guild Cinema and the Irish Freedom Committee present

Hidden Agenda is a 1990 film starring Frances McDormand, Brian Cox, and Brad Dourif. The film was directed by Ken Loach, produced by Eric Fellner, and written by Jim Allen

Hidden Agenda is a political thriller film directed by Ken Loach. The film is about the murder of an American civil rights activist in Northern Ireland by the police while driving in the company of an IRA sympathiser. It is inspired by the investigation into the RUC’s alleged “shoot to kill policy”, with Cox’s character representing John Stalker. E4A, an undercover unit of the Royal Ulster Constabulary claimed to be involved in the killings, is mentioned briefly in the film.

The motives behind the murder in the film are supposed to show the “inner workings” of politics and (in Loach’s belief) the way government acts to protect supposed freedom. We are shown the conformist face of people, the assumed futility of going  against the “high powers”, the manipulation of the media and some true ulterior motives that in Loach’s socialist beliefs drive the current world.

During one scene late in the movie, a renegade Special Air Service (SAS) agent possessing an audio tape that incriminates the British government is kidnapped by an SAS squad and bundled into a van on O’Connell Bridge in Dublin, a very busy river crossing in the center of the city. Loach filmed the scene with a hidden camera and without letting passers-by know that they were witnessing a movie shoot.

Dates / Location

10 November and 11 November 2007

Show times on both days: 12 PM — 2 PM

The Historic Guild Cinema — 505-255-1848 — 3405 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Irish Freedom Committee, 505-363-7974

Contact Chuck McLaughlin, 505-235-5906 for more information.

This screening is hosted by the Irish Freedom Committee. All proceeds will benefit the families of Irish Republican Prisoners of War currently held in English and Irish “Free State” prisons.

Seating is limited to 120 people. Admission is 7.00 FRN per person.

For more information from the Irish Freedom Committee, check out their newslist on Yahoo

More about Hidden AgendaWikipedia entry / Internet Movie Database entry


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