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Monday, 31 December 2007

And So It Begins (?)

Re: And So It Begins – Lakota Sioux Prove The Bravest and Best of America

Maybe Russell Means has turned over a new leaf?

I wasn’t too impressed with him back around “9-11” when he was the LP of New Mexico’s candidate for governor — ask him a question that he hasn’t had a chance to rehearse answering and you’ll see exactly what I mean — click here for an example — I can personally attest to this, from a conversation with him on 10 Sept 2001 (I can put you in touch with witnesses).

That, and Russell came across (to me, at least) as the Native-American version of David Duke — he can dial the racism in his pitch up and down like a rheostat in order to suit the audience of the moment. See this speech.

Support him at your own risk. Some of my colleagues in the LPNM were dropping 500-bucks-a-pop donations on him back in 2001, after he was nominated as our candidate for governor. Imagine their surprise when he bailed from the LPNM in Sept 2001 and gave that cash to the “Independent Coalition Party,” which imploded as an organization about six months after Russell gave them that eight grand.

As for Russell being a “committed libertarian,” I take it that you didn’t hear about his attempt to cordon off the Pine Ridge Reservation in 2006, trying to stop people from bringing alcohol in? What “libertarian” tries to reinstate Prohibition?


That’s what I posted as a comment to Kate’s article (linked to above at the top). I have no doubts about Kate’s commitment to the libertarian cause, she’s a hell of a writer, and the rest of her resume would fill out the CV’s of three people with stuff left over.

But I think that in this case, she’s been snookered by Russell and the Meanies

My conversation with Russell on 10 Sept 2001 went like this —

Me — How would you as governor handle something like Waco if it happened in New Mexico or like what happened to Tom Moore in Alamogordo, where the feds show up out of nowhere and start doing their thing?

(Five to ten seconds go by, and Russell has this deer-in-the-headlights expression on his face — I can almost see the little wheels turning, the smoke coming out of his ears . . .)

Russell — There are no secrets in a free society.

(I’m thinking “WHAT the fuck?!”)

Me — When these people show up for a raid like Waco or like at Tom Moore’s place, they don’t tell anyone they’re coming — they just show up out of the blue with a hundred or so people and start tearing things apart. How would you handle this as Governor?

(Another five to ten seconds of Russell and his deer-in-the-headlights expression, smoke coming out of his ears . . .)

Russell — I’d let all of the non-violent people out of prison.

Basically, his schtick when cornered like I did to him then (and in general) is to throw out some mystical, profound-sounding bullshit and hope no one questions it. If you DO question it, then you’re a “racist” (especially if you’re Caucasian), or a “dupe” of Whitey. He’s been known to refer to black people who aren’t on his side as “house niggers,” for example.

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