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Sunday, 9 March 2008

The American Idiot Show — The “Major Party” Semi-Finals (2008)

A while back, I posted my thoughts on the various and sundry Republican and Democrat presidential hopefuls [1]. The bad news from the Republican side — Ron Paul has given up in substance if not formality and John McCain (I’ll call him “McClown” from this point on) has all but locked up the GOP nomination. While I believe the Paul campaign’s statements that he didn’t make or sanction some racist comments that were attributed to him, still, those comments, whoever wrote them, are a bit of an albatross around his neck. To add to the mess, he kept a 500 FRN donation from Don Black, a former Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Krud who runs the Aryan Airhead site Stormfront. It was suggested that Paul donate the 500 FRN to a Jewish charity . . . .

Another mistake on Paul’s part was to position himself as being in the same league as Dennis “the Menace” Kucinich concerning the Iraq invasion and ongoing occupation — Dennis was also opposed to both the 2003 invasion and the current occupation. Paul’s fellow Republicans were OK with him being against the war, but when they heard him talking about Kucinich in a good light, they took a look at Dennis’ economic views and bailed on Paul.

As for McClown, what can I say? He’s a socialist, big-government neo-con-artist, and I’m just wondering which country he’ll send the U.S. military to attack next. Iran? Venezuela? North Korea? Pakistan?

There isn’t a chance in Hell of my casting a ballot for McClown.

The good news is that the ongoing fight between Hillary “Hitlery” Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama (let’s call him “Obomba” after his comments that he’d be willing to go to war against Pakistan) — Hitlery seems to be losing to Obomba, but she’s not going down without a fight. One poster at commented that Obomba could win the popular Democrap vote in the primaries, only to have Hitlery take the nomination through “superdelegates” or litigation. Such a “travesty” could lead to the downfall of the Democrap Party. Gee, what a shame that would be, right? Right?

On a side note, this whole “superdelegate” nonsense really is a hoot. Who would have imagined that the Democraps, who profess to be about “the common man” and against elitism, would have elitism built into their own nomination process?

[1] The “American Idiot” Show — The Democrap TeamThe Republicant Team

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