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Monday, 10 March 2008

John Bergstrom Rolls Over . . . And Over Again

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I first found about John Bergstrom’s cartoons when he was drawing them for Liberty — that was back in 1995 or 1996. He’s got a sick sense of humor, like mine, and then I found a link to his site, from Victor Milan‘s old netcom site.

John started out as a libertarian, but switched gears after “9-11” and became a Bushevik camp follower. Or maybe he was there already and just looking for an excuse to jump ship from whatever bits of libertarianism that he did support. Who knows, and at this point, it doesn’t matter. He bought into the Bushevik BS that “if we don’t fight them overseas, we’ll fight them here in America.”

If the Al-Qaeda types really were interested in harming America, they would be over here doing it, and they wouldn’t bother with any of the convoluted plots that have been “discovered” to date — they would be playing with matches in the National Forests. In fact, I’d almost prefer Al-Qaeda to attack the American domestic front, as the defense has all kinds of advantages . . . more on in another post.

Fast-forward to 28 January 2008 — Bergstrom had endorsed Rudy-Poo JulieAnni for President of the United States

— only to see Ghouliani get his ass kicked in the primaries by the guy that everyone said would never get more than one percent of the vote. (That guy being Ron Paul, or “Luap Nor,” as posters on call him). Here’s the BS “logic” that Bergstrom applied to justify endorsing Rudy-Poo —

I know many of you all are pissed as hell. And considering staying home
come november. Think about the supreme court.. Guns, taxes, schools,
abortion, and a thousand other issues are hanging on two basket case
liberal judges. Just vote republican one more time, and we’ll have the
court for a generation.

Take a look at Rudy-Poo’s statements concerning gun rights — what Second Amendment supporter would ever cast a ballot for Rudy-Poo? (I’m assuming that the person in question is clinically competent . . .)

So Bergstrom resigned himself to jumping on board with the McClown campaign.

Bergstrom at least recognizes that McClown embodies most of the bad side of Comrade President George XLIII, without much of George-43’s good side — McClown is a socialist war pig, even more so than George-43.

Bergstrom says in this article

It’s going to be a rough couple years for conservatives. Assuming
McCain wins. We’re going to have to support him on two or three things.
And fight him on a dozen more. But it’s better the party suffers than
the country. We might even come out of this stronger. The Republicans
need an ideological and moral enema.  Now is the time. I’ll end by
letting you all write your own Larry Craig joke.

Then on 11 February 2008, he posts this cartoon —

Maybe in four years, he’ll draw a cartoon of an elephant being sodomized by McClown?

What Bergstrom (and other neocon “libertarians” like Eric the Shake) don’t seem to realize is that any such ideological cleansing that he’s hoping for will NOT happen should McClown win the White House. If anything, McClown will get WORSE, as he’ll see any such victory as a reward for past behavior, and he’ll give us more, harder and faster. It doesn’t really matter what the issue is — guns, abortion, the courts — McClown can’t be trusted.

Or if McClown gets whupped in the general election (which will probably happen if Obomba gets the Democrap nod), maybe he’ll draw that cartoon on 5 November 2008. I’ll be too busy celebrating Guy Fawkes Day with my DVD and graphic-novel copies of V For Vendetta.


I posted the following text to the page with the Cat in the Hat cartoon (above) — see how long it stays up —

Just waiting for my password here . . .

Any chance of seeing a cartoon of McClown sodomizing an elephant? There’s a good chance that a McCain Administration will drive the GOP further leftward, given the candidate’s past actions as in the Senate (McCain-Feingold, S.890, the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2005, etc.).

If you’re looking for some sort of ideological cleansing in Republican ranks, putting McClown in the White House is the LAST thing that will cause that. If anything, he’ll see that as a REWARD for past behaviors. The only way that cleansing is going to happen is if McClown loses (probably to Hitlery) — only after that happens will Republicans ask “How could this happen?”

If McClown wins, the GOP rank and file will go back to being fat, dumb and happy, because “our guy is in the White House and he’ll take care of us.” And all sorts of stuff that Republicans would oppose if proposed by a Democrap would be OK because “our guy’s in the White House and he’d NEVER do anything to hurt us.” I cite as an example the REAL ID Act — back in the 1990’s, Waco Willie pushed for something similar (drivers’ licenses with SSNs on them, linked to national databases), and the Republicans killed it — the evangelical Christians were calling it “The Mark of the Beast.” But after “9-11,” Comrade President George XLIII puts it back on the table to “fight terrorism,” and the Republicans are all for it.

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    Comment by xardoz — Monday, 10 March 2008 @ 6:13 PM

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