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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The “American Idiot” Show — The “Third” (and “Fourth” and . . .) Side

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Previously under the heading of The American Idiot Show (also known as the Presidential campaign), I covered the fascist Democrats and socialist Republicans. More recently, I covered the recent primary results. There I noted that the Ron Paul campaign has given up in substance, if not formally.

Now it’s time for me to take on the “third party” candidates and “independents”Libertarian, Green, Constitution, and others. Actually, I’m going to save the Libertarian Party candidates for last, for reasons of my own, and devote a separate blog entry to them.

The Constitution Party recently nominated Chuck Baldwin as its presidential candidate, with attorney Darrell Castle as its VP pick. While there are points of Baldwin’s and the CP’s platform that I’d disagree with, a Baldwin Administration would be light-years ahead of Manchurian Senator John-boy McClown. YES, Ron Paul would be better than both Baldwin and McClown, and Paul has yet to officially withdraw from the race.

The Greens — in the end, I couldn’t care less who the eco-fascists nominate, as that person won’t be getting my vote. To get the GPUSA nomination, the person in question has to sign off on some form of taxpayer-pays “universal health care” (really government micro(mis)management of the medical industry), victim-disarming “gun control,” ruinous taxation against just about anyone that makes any money at all, and regulatory micromismanagment of just about the entire private-sector economy. Of course, they have no problem in giving government employees carte blanche to do just about what they please, especially where the issues that they profess to care about are concerned. After all, in their minds, the State can do no wrong.

The Prohibition Party — They shot their collective wad back in 1919, when their Eighteenth Amendment and Volstead Act were signed into law, empowering the likes of Al Capone. Thanks, guys. Nevertheless, they seem to think that their particular brand of insanity, idiocy, or evil will work again, should it be enacted into law. No, I’m not making this up. These are the kind of people that could drive a guy to drink.

Both the Socialist Party USA and Socialist Workers Party have nominated candidates, but as with the Greenie-Weenies and Eliott Ness wannabes, neither the SPUSA or SWP has the slightest chance of getting my vote, and for the same sort of reasons — they want to micromanage every aspect of human life that they can. And of course, they’ll screw it up royally, as have their predecessors for the past 5,000 years.

Once again, Ralph Nader is running for the White House. Back in 2000, the Democrats claimed that his candidacy on the Green ticket handed the election to Comrade President George XLIII. Nader is as bad on the issues as the Greens and Socialists, but this time he’s running as an “independent.”

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