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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Bring It On, Al-Qaeda!

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Over and over again, I hear from the Busheviks say about al-Qaeda that if “we don’t fight them over there, we’ll fight them here.”


When one of Osama’s biggest complaints against the United States was that American troops were occupying Muslim lands (he started on about this as a result of Gulf War I.)? Don’t believe me? See the 1996 fatwa for yourself.

Now let’s say that Al-Qaeda DID plan to invade the United States as the Busheviks insinuate. I guess that they’ve forgotten that the defender almost always has the advantage, hmmm? Especially in this case — the Al-Qaeda Islamosocialists would be vastly outnumbered and outgunned. They wouldn’t know the lay of the land as Americans who have lived here all their lives have. They wouldn’t be able to blend in with the population — as Mao Zedong in On Guerrilla Warfare said, “The former may be likened to water the latter to the fish who inhabit it.” In this case, the Al-Qaeda fish would be swimming not in water, but in 1-molar sulfuric acid.

Basically, the 19 Al-Qaeda idiots who pulled off “9-11” got lucky (I’ve had less objectionable items than boxcutters confiscated by airport-security goons before “9-11”), and they shot their wad on 11 Sept 2001. If Al-Qaeda wants to attack American soil again, they need to start from scratch with their planning.

Relish this moment, Busheviks — it’s not often that I quote a Marxist, but in this case, Mao happens to be correct.

Another point — most of the Al-Qaeda “operatives” (“fighters” ?) that American forces have run into in Iraq and Afghanistan seem to be woefully inferior to Americans in the areas of training. It’s not like they will have opportunities to bone up on the military arts after being deployed to American territory, and there’s lots of Americans who have small-unit training, whether from the military or law enforcement arenas.

I usually tell the Busheviks — a prime example of which is Eric “the Shake” Dondero — is that if Al-Qaeda shows up in America looking for an actual fight, Americans won’t have any problem wasting the pricks, as a side effect of the Second Amendment. The real reason that the Founders put that clause into the Constitution was to keep domestic government in check. And any freedom advocate with working brain cells should know that domestic government is a far, far greater threat to Liberty than Osama and the Forty Al-Qaeda.

Then there’s the Bushevik claim that Islamic “activists” (crybabies, really) are fronting for Al-Qaeda by complaining about aspects of American life that don’t comply with sharia (Islamic religious law). The Bushwhackers keep forgetting about the First Amendment that allows these losers the right to complain. Nowhere in that right to complain can be found the obligation of anyone else to listen.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear that the Busheviks and Islamosocialists are in a pseudo-symbiotic relationship similar to the one that I hypothesize exists between the Aryan Airheads and Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton — each side’s leaders needs each other as an excuse to get their followers riled up. Otherwise, then Comrade President George XLIII might have had to deliver on his promises of (at least starting to) privatize Social Security and cut spending. But now that there’s a “War on Terror,” he not only is relieved of that burden, but can throw jack up spending in any way the Congress will go along with, as “wartime measures,” and as the post-1994 (Republican-led) Congresses have shown us, they’ll go along with a lot of stuff.

So, really, America, what is this “War on Terror” (that’s akin to FDR declaring war on Stuka dive-bomb attacks), with its attendant “Patriot Act”, but a Bushevik excuse to accrue power to themselves and their successors?

Final note — if the Al-Qaeda bozos really wanted to cause a lot of trouble over here, they don’t need to play around with hijacking ariplanes, suicide bombers or bioweapons — all they need to do is play with matches in the National Forests. Another of George XLIII’s campaign ideas was that the Forest Service, BLM, Fish & Wildlife, etc., would lighten up on their War against Private Landowners, Loggers and Campers. So far, that war goes on — probably as part of the “War on Terror.” In the mean time, dead wood is piling up and drying out in those forests — and the feds don’t seem to be letting people chop it up for firewood. Witness the wildfires in California last year as an example.

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