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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Exposed Secret or Hoax?

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I recently saw an episode of UFO Hunters on the History Channel
that covered a possible leak of information by a former government
employee. The episode was titled Reverse Engineering, and concerned an
alleged secret government program to reverse-engineer extraterrestrial
technology for commercial usage.

After running a Google search on the term “CARET,” I ended up at a site put up by the alleged engineer —

The thing that sets this “case” apart from other cases is the sharp detail that the photos display, in contrast with the blurry pictures that most cases, as well as the shape of the alleged vehicles.

Chances are that this is some sort of hoax. As such, it’s very well done — the detail in the photos is fantastic, and the text provided by “Isaac” is refreshingly different from what’s come out in the past. The whole “language as technology” aspect is beautifully done.

Whoever this person is, he or she should give fiction writing a try

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