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Friday, 23 May 2008

The 2008 Denver Bloodbath — Neo-Con Artists on the Loose!

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Yeah, yeah, I know — I’m an “armchair delegate.” If it wasn’t for having to drop 750 FRN to have a head gasket replaced recently, I would probably already be in Denver at this time, and would have already have handed whatever delegate token that I had been given to Steve Kubby.

Earlier I reported here and here [copied elsewhere] about the Bob Barr Leadership Fund handing out cash to Republican candidates, while offering NOTHING to the Libertarian candidates that those Republicans are running against. All of this while Barr was sitting on the Libertarian National Committee — Barr was elected to the LNC in December, 2006.

Here’s the page from the FEC’s disclosure database.

I discussed the Barr situation with LPNM State Chair Jay Vandersloot
about ten days ago. My informing him of it was the first he had heard
of it, but said that he was still planning on supporting Barr, on the
grounds that a Barr candidacy would give the LP its best chance for
exposure in this election. Jay is an honorable, honest guy who is truly
a “big tent” Libertarian that others in the Deform Caucus profess to
be. Still, I think he’s on the wrong track here.

Since the story broke on Last Free Voice, the story is popping up on other libertarian-oriented sites. For example — A Libertarian Mole?

George Phillies [official campaign site] opined on Barr’s financial fun and games with his “Leadership Fund” slush PAC.

When questioned about his PAC shenanigans, Barr said “‘I won’t be cross-examined’ about the fund’s finances” [from the article — MWB]. Guess what, Bob? People inside and outside the LP are going to ask you questions about your slush fund, whether you like it or not. You’re a public figure, and this is part of the deal.

Jarret Wollstein of the International Society for Individual Liberty [ISIL] throws in his support for the Libertarian Party’s actual libertarians.

Apparently, the formerly independent has been bought out by social-conservative direct-mail guru Richard Viguerie, who promptly installed the LP’s former National Director Shane Cory as its editor-in-chief. Cory then set about censoring anyone who posted comments that call Barr’s integrity into question — for example, Tom Knapp.

Next, David Nolan reported that Viguerie (among others) have been bullying Convention organizer BetteRose Ryan as to who the keynote speaker will be — at first, they insisted on Barr as the keynoter, then Viguerie when Barr made his presidential campaign announcement. Also in on the game is former Reform Party bigwig Russ Verney. Here’s the link to Nolan’s page on the affair.

Hell, even the Ron Paul Republicans are watching this fiasco. So much for going for their votes should McClown be coronated in Minneapolis.

As if the behind-the-scenes BS wasn’t bad enough, Barr has made comments that —

  • He’s OK with state governments defining personal relationships between consenting adults.
  • He’s not too keen on repealing Drug Prohibition
  • His campaign will bring Republicans who are disgruntled with the McClown campaign, which will be good for the GOP’s down-ballot. (Where is his support for the Libertarian down-ballot? Oh, right — I covered that above, in the parts about the slush PAC.)

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