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Monday, 30 June 2008

BTPNM Bylaws Now Online

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The interim Bylaws for the Boston Tea Party of New Mexico are now posted online, both at the BTPNM Yahoo! and Google groups.

Here’s a link to the copy posted at the Google group.

A few notes about the Bylaws I posted —

I borrowed a couple of bits from the Libertarian Party of New Mexico‘s Constitution and Bylaws. In particular, the beginning part about the Party’s name and emblem. To this I added a part that allows for the State Committee to design a logo, so long as it’s consistent with the platform.

I changed the part about the State Committee from what the National Bylaws say (four at-large members) to one at-large member and one from each of New Mexico’s U.S. Congressional districts. This is to create a barrier against a group meeting OFFLINE and conspiring to pack the committee. True, there’s nothing that stops people from doing this online via private emails. At least by doing this, the committee will have an incentive to develop county-, campus- or tribal-level affiliates in different parts of the state.

Article 12 was entirely my creation. This is in there so the BTPNM State Committee can make endorsements outside of the BTPNM if it’s deemed necessary.

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