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Friday, 11 July 2008

The Temper Tantrums of Joseph Knight

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While Joseph Knight has been at times an invaluable activist in the Libertarian Party of New Mexico, there have been other times when he was (and is, at present) a royal pain in the ass. Since his recent blow-up and infantile behavior over the nomination of Bob Barr to the LP’s presidential ticket, I’m posting a list of those previous temper tantrums, lest anyone forget.

April 1997 — Dr. Charles Mellon of Placitas, New Mexico volunteered to run for Commissioner of Public Lands and offered to throw 5000 FRN of his own into the campaign pot. His only stipulation was that he get the nomination in 1997, instead of the usual nomination at the 1998 State Convention. This way, he would have more time to build name recognition for his candidacy.

Come the 1997 State Convention, held in April at the Best Western next to the Intel facility in Rio Rancho. I came in just as Joseph yelled, “Fuck you, Anne!” to Anne McCracken, another long-time activist, and stormed out of the room. It seems that Joseph had objected to the early nomination of Dr. Mellon on the grounds that it wouldn’t be fair to anyone who came along in 1998 and wanted to run for the same spot on the LPNM’s ballot line.

March 1998

One of the scheduled speakers at our 1998 State Convention in Socorro was Fred Frolich. Fred wanted to run for Magistrate Judge on the LPNM’s ballot line. Joseph caught wind of this and sent a letter to myself and several others. This letter alleged that Fred was or is some sort of white nationalist of the Aryan Airhead variety, and that if Fred did indeed speak, Joseph would picket the convention. Joseph said that he would also invite the Anti-Defamation League to join said picketing.

A month later, on the second weekend of April, Frolich was there and explicitly denied any sort of Aryan Airhead sentiments or connections after being asked by Ed Nagel. Joseph wasn’t there to picket. Nor did Joseph send any sort of documentation to support his allegations.

August 1999 — January (?) 2003

Joseph got on my case off and on for three years because of my support for the Draft L. Neil Smith for President camapign. This was after Neil made some comments about Michael Cloud, Harry Browne and the LNC while speaking at the June 1999 State Convention in Taos. Those comments were later borne out to be true, in that there were improper dealings between the 1996 Browne campaign and the LNC before Harry Browne won the nomination, i.e., the LNC offered support to the Browne campaign that it didn’t offer to others.

Because of Neil’s comments, Joseph said that he opposed Neil being listed as a speaker at any further LPNM events. It was only after the Russell Means campaign ended in disaster for the LPNM that Joseph changed his mind on this, and in January / February, 2003, Joseph asked me to if I could get Neil as a speaker for that year’s convention in Albuquerque.

April 2005

Joseph reacted to the idiotic decision of the LNC to raise basic membership dues to 50 FRN by sending vitriolic emails to the LNC, threatening to quit the party if the dues increase was made permanent.

March 2006 — Joseph sent a proposal to that year’s State Convention in Rio Rancho that would grant full voting membership (“Caucus membership,” in the LPNM’s lexicon) to any member who either paid the requisite dues, or demonstrated “outstanding activism,” without proposing any standards as to what would constitute “outstanding activism.” He didn’t show up to support his proposal, yet got pissed off when it didn’t pass, especially after some of the comments made by those who were there — “No one is stopping anyone else from paying another members’ dues,” and comments comparing this to a welfare handout.

May / June 2008

This is the most recent one, that concerns the Bob Barr nomination. Joseph returned from the National LP Convention in Denver this year rather upset about the nomination of Bob Barr as the LP’s presidential candidate. I myself among others was not exactly thrilled at the prospect, but fellow Libertarians Steve Kubby and Tom Knapp said to give the guy a chance, so I did, on account of Barr’s apologies for his misdeeds and professing that his conversion was genuine. Apparently that wasn’t good enough for Joseph, as he had no problem sliming Bill Koehler and myself as “Vichy-linos” because of our willingness to give Barr a chance.

Because of these tirades and tantrums, I cannot in good conscience support Joseph for leadership positions in the LPNM any more. Nor will I as Interim Chair of the Boston Tea Party of New Mexico appoint Joseph to the BTPNM’s State Committee.

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