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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

New Mexico Stuff

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First, I just signed up with New Mexico Liberty (the site). Blogged about it, too, for what that’s worth. My profile there is here.

Second, local libertarian (actually voluntaryist) skiffy writer Victor Milan has started a new blog that readers of this blog will probably find interesting — Tragic Waste. The subtitle is appropriate — Politics waste lives and resources — and all too true. My only reasons for remaining involved are to provide some entertainment while educating the public.

Third, Ron Paul‘s Campaign for Liberty has established a satellite site for New Mexico, but at present, it’s just a skeleton of a site.

Speaking of Ron Paul, the local meetup group is still lively. Right now the big question is whether or not to back Steve Pearce in his bid for U.S. Senate. My answer would be NO — Pearce is a Bushevik war pig, votes for federal subsidies and regulations, among other things. Pearce deserves to be returned to the private sector — hopefully to the unemployment line.
Take a look at his voting record if you’re not sure.

Finally, I’ve started the Boston Tea Party of New Mexico,  started a fledging State Committee for it and posted a set of bylaws.

In the mean time, the Libertarian Party of New Mexico languishes as the Barr campaign drones on.

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