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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The 2008 U.S. House Race

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From New Mexico Politics with Joe Monahan

White & Heinrich

The interesting thing about the new poll GOP ABQ congressional hopeful Darren White released
Monday is that it has him below the magic 50% level. That is a sigh of relief for the Dems
who feared the well-known two term Bernalillo County sheriff may have been poised to run away
with the ABQ race, which has been in the GOP column since its 1968 creation. But the White
poll, conducted by his campaign Tuesday and Wednesday among 500 likely voters and with a
margin of error of 4%, puts him at 47% to Democrat Martin Heinrich’s 41%.

I’m in that 12-percent bracket that wants neither one of these idiots. When Herr Heinrich the Democrat campaigned for City Council the first time back in 2002, I attended one of the candidate forums that he took part in, and he kept saying that he wanted to make it easier for small businesses to start operating in his district. Since then, he’s been the darling of the city’s “progressive” “leftist” fascists such as the Green Party, wanting to spend all kinds of cash on all sorts of projects such as the Folly Trolley and the Vampire Arena.

As for Comrade Sheriff White, he’s a Bushevik hack, and not even an original hack at that. He loves the “Patriot Act” — after all, “it’s to protect us from the terrorists,” right? He was one of the backers of Rudy-Poo Ghouliani‘s aborted presidential campaign. White was the Public Safety Secretary under the gubernatorial administration of Gary Johnson — that is, until Johnson opened his second term with a public statement that society should reconsider Drug Prohibition. At that point, White resigned in a huff, saying something to the effect of “I can no longer support this administration.”

What will I do? I’m supporting Cthulhu for this race. Since he’s not a “declared write-in candidate,” any vote that I cast for him will disqualify my entire ballot. Kind of kills the whole point of a write-in candidate doesn’t it? So I’ll “vote the air” or “cast a blank” in this one.

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