The Weekly Sedition

Monday, 18 August 2008

The Open Season Act

>House Bill ______________ / Senate Bill ______________

Findings —

The Legislature of the State of New Mexico hereby finds and declares that —

  1. elected and politically-appointed officials have blatantly and repeatedly violated the fudiciary trust that was delegated to them by the citizens of the State of New Mexico,
  2. elected and politically-appointed law-enforcement leaders are sometimes part of the problem, and are in any case selected by the same offending officials that the citizens would expect to be investigated by those law enforcement agencies,
  3. many offending officials escape any deserved criminal culpability or civil liability due to the doctrines of “sovereign immunity,” “legislative immunity,” or “within the scope of their official duties,”
  4. due to these repeat offenders, who are often indignant about the mere accusations of impropriety, a state of emergency exists in that the faith and trust in the State of New Mexico on the part of the State’s citizens has fallen to crisis proportions.

Sec.1      Short Title
               This Act shall be known as the Open Season Act of _______.

Sec.2      Any private individual who commits actions against the person or properties of any elected or politically-appointed public official with the intent to inflict physical damage, shall not be prosecuted in a criminal case, nor found liable in civil litigation.

Sec.3      The private individual acting against the public official must be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the public official has caused specific damages to the private individual, including but not limited to physical injury, loss of liberty or loss of property, or other damages to the private individual as a matter of the public official conducting his or her official duties.

Sec.4      This act is not intended to sanction any form of sexual assault upon the public official in question by the private individual.

Basically, what the Open Season Act does is legalize the sort of do-it-yourself justice that H. Beam Piper wrote about in Lone Star Planet, or as John Ross described in Unintended Consequences

Some might say that this is “extremist,” “wacky-sounding,” and “sanctions violence.” I’ll answer that by asking them what recourse does the person in the street have when the courts say “We won’t hear your case” after his house has been seized via eminent domain,citing Kelo v. City of New London as grounds? The answer — very little to none.

Thus, I have NO sympathy for any public official who is set upon physically by their victims for harm done “in the course of his official duties.”

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