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Sunday, 24 August 2008

Election Corruption in New Mexico?

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GARY KING, Attorney General
Santa Fe, New Mexico                                                                                                             July 24, 2008


MISSING BALLOTS INVESTIGATED, Barrey Massey, AP, sets out just one of the reputedly four (4) counties with ballot questions from the recent primary, and the 182 “disappeared” ballots from Cibola County this office is now investigating.

AS JUST ONE CITIZEN IN NEW MEXICO, a state known for its widespread corruption generally and persistent “problems” with the whole voting/ballot situation which seems long-standing, with no accountability assessed upon its principals in at-issue counties, it strikes me that every citizen is short-shifted by these maneuvers which seem never resolved.

SERIOUS INVESTIGATION is long overdue. There are ways in place to retrieve ballots which may actually be inadvertently left in the machine at poll closing. Have you reviewed the long list of in-order steps required to remove ballots and tapes and close the machine? Surely poll workers, beginning with presiding judges, would quickly recognize such omissions, and advise the clerk or other in-charge election person, so immediate recovery could be made. If further delayed, a court order can move the transaction in timely fashion.

ARE THE OTHER SUSPECTED THREE also being investigated? What makes them different if there are discrepancies in handling and / or results?

WITH A CORRUPT LEGISLATURE BUSY WITH ITS TURF WARS, serious change needs to be put in place to reconcile these abuses when and as they occur, regardless of who handles the miscreant elections.

SOMEHOW, THERE MUST BE A WAY to put permanent estoppel on any poll worker who associates with these repetitive abuses of any sort. That includes the Secretary of State and any county clerks who may be stretching their authority by negligence or perhaps even incompetence . . . given some of the travesties perpetrated by these people upon the Libertarian Party in MIS-handling information, other actions relative to petitions, voter registration, and such matters. These latter items are well-known by Ron Bjornstad in Rio Rancho and Jay Vandersloot in Albuquerque.

THE BERNALILLO COUNTY ballot disorders orchestrated by the now-Secretary of State, who is third in line for the governorship, stand as a disgustingly sordid example of people who seemed full of excuses.

WITH NEW MEXICO A SANCTUARY STATE, we are all at the mercy of illegal aliens with photo ID driver licenses with impunity sans proper checking; even then proof positive stands absent. Provisional ballots are an abomination, clutter the works, and enable improper handling because workers can decide whether or not to count them. There is no end to the prospects of default here.

/s/ Christina Groth

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