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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Book Review — Inclined to Liberty, by Louis E. Carabini

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Inclined to Liberty – The Futile Attempt to Suppress the Human Spirit, by Louis E. Carabini

Inclined to Liberty is an easy-to-read book that presents the case for liberty over the State in a consistent, principled manner — I’d give it SIX stars (on Shelfari) if the option were available.

Carabini thoroughly makes his case in 112 pages, touching upon quite a few issues that you wouldn’t think of as being related to economics (drug usage, same-sex relationships). He manages to do so without loading the reader down with too much in the way of statistics and charts, yet those are available, listed as footnotes.

Carabini also shows how to be an anarcho-capitalist while sounding somewhat like a minarchist-leaning Ron Paul Republican. I’m referring in particular here to Chapter 32, titled “The Viability of the Nation-State.”

My advice? Send a copy to your friends and family who say they support unfettered liberty with exceptions. Maybe this will wake them up a bit.

See the book’s official site.

Inclined to Liberty is available from either Amazon or the Ludwig von Mises Institute Online Store —

Available at Amazon and the Ludwig von Mises Institute


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