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Wednesday, 20 May 2009


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I’ve been seeing more and more of Adam Kokesh on the web, and I like what I see from him more and more.

For those who don’t know, Adam is considering a run for U.S. Congress in New Mexico’s Third District, against the incumbent, Ben Ray Lujan.

Will the GOPNM get behind Adam for his run? I can’t really say for sure — the Republican Party of New Mexico has definitely supported its share of big-government candidates — Heather Wilson and Pete Domenici come to mind there. The GOPNM has supported its share of losers in the 3rd District, as well —

  • F. Gregg Bemis Jr. got an “F” rating from GOA in the 1994 race, while Bill Richardson got a “C.”
  • Dan East ran in 2008 as a typical Bushevik neo-con, supporting the Iraq Occupation and waffling on the Second Amendment.

As for his opponent, Ben Ray Lujan, well . . . Ben Ray is the poster boy for New Mexico’s patron system, where it helps A LOT to know someone who’s politically connected, and it helps EVEN MORE if you can grease the right palms (cash ØØØØ only, please!) — especially if you’re seeking government-sector employment or contracts. After all, his old man, Ben Lujan Sr., IS the Speaker of New Mexico’s State House of Representatives. The scuttlebutt in some circles seems to be that Ben Ray wouldn’t have received the Democratic nomination for the Third District if his daddy wasn’t the Speaker.

And I can’t resist posting this image of a campaign T-shirt — it’s PURE GENIUS!

Adam’s blogKokesh for Congress
It doesn’t hurt at all that Ron Paul weighed in on his side

And don’t forget to visit his Money bomb site!

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