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Thursday, 28 May 2009

More Cash for Winston? (Letter to the Editor)

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As submitted to the Albuquerque Journal [Thursday, 28 May 2009 3:39 PM] —

More Cash for Winston?

Tuesday (26 May 2009), APS Superintendent Winston Brooks held a press conference where he admitted that APS was sitting on an extra $16 million, and had been sitting on that pile of cash for ten years [1].

Of course, in the near future, Winston and the School Board will ask us, the voters, to approve more school bonds on behalf of APS. Perhaps they’ll even trot out the old saw that “this won’t raise your taxes.”

So I pose the question to you, fellow Albuquerque voters — are YOU willing to give Winston and the Board more of YOUR hard-earned cash, so they can waste it or forget they have it? How many more child molesters can APS hire with that cash of yours?

Mike Blessing,
Chair, Bernalillo County Libertarian Party


  1. APS mistake yields $16 million

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