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Saturday, 18 July 2009

17 July 2009 ABQ Tea Party

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Well, folks, there were quite a few people at today’s Tea Party Rally in Albuquerque, from 4 PM to 7 PM at the Independence Grill. One count said that there were 2000 people at the event. I do know that upon reaching the intersection of San Pedro and Montgomery, traffic slowed to a crawl, and I ended up taking the side streets to get closer to Louisiana. Even doing that, I ended up walking two blocks, dodging other drivers all the way in. Still, I didn’t see any accidents, nor hear of any.

Jim Scarantino and Paul Gessing, hosts of the 1550-AM talk show Speaking Freely, were doing a good job of explaining how America’s current economic clusterfuck mess can’t be blamed on just Comrade George XLIII or just The Barack [1], when the truth is they’re both at fault here — Bush presided over the start of the situation, just as Herbert Hoover was First Crook at the start of the 1929 Panic which turned into the “Great Depression,” and Obama is making it worse and prolonging the bad times, just as FDR did after 1933 — by 1936, people were calling it “Roosevelt’s Depression.”

Anyway, I got in about two minutes of airtime on behalf of the Libertarian Party[2], as Paul asked me to explain what the LP is all about, to which I replied, “It basically like this — as long as you’re not hurting others, you can do as you please.” (Paraphrasing there!) Then he asked me what would be the ideal tax rate if the LP were to come to power in a meaningful way — my answer was “zero percent.”

Here’s some pictures of the crowd that I took with my trusty (five-year-old, dinged-up) Sony Cybershot (click the pictures to see the full-sized versions) —

Jim Scarantino and Paul Gessing at the radio booth

Crowd shots by the radio booth

The crowd lining Montgomery Blvd, as seen from the roadside —

The crowd lining Montgomery Blvd, as seen from the median strip —

Even the lamestream snoozemedia were there —

And, YES, there was an Obamaton presence —

Here’s a list of the various Tea Party events that took place around the State —

And I didn’t see much if any of the Know-Nothing anti-immigrant sentiment that I saw during the Republican debates and primaries of 2007 and 2008 — I only saw one person holding a sign about the issue.


  1. Can You Smell What The Barack is Cookin’ ?
  2. Why, you ask, did I not put in a plug for the Boston Tea Party? Simple — I’m one of TWO people in New Mexico that’s expressed more than a token interest in developing the BTP into anything more than a net-presence. I’ve sent out numerous invites to people that I’ve suspected would be interested, only to have them go unanswered.

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