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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Smoking is Always Healthier than Fascism

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As if ObamaCare wasn’t bad enough . . .

From the White House blog posting about the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act

This legislation will not ban all tobacco products, and it will allow adults to make their own choices. But it will also ban tobacco advertising within a thousand feet of schools and playgrounds. It will curb the ability of tobacco companies to market products to our children by using appealing flavors. It will force these companies to more clearly and publicly acknowledge the harmful and deadly effects of the products they sell. And it will allow the scientists at the FDA to take other common-sense steps to reduce the harmful effects of smoking.

I’m hoping that this little bit of anti-Constitutional BS will be struck down by the Supremes on its merits, more specifically the lack of merit. But with the confirmation of Sotomayor, I’m not optimistic.

I wonder if he had a cigarette before or after making this announcement.

What does it say when the guy with his finger on the “nuclear button,” the “leader of the free world,” and the “guy who runs the country,” can’t summon the personal willpower to quit smoking?

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