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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Bloody Sunday from the Irish Freedom Committee — Friday, 29 January 2010

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Benefit film screening and live music

Live music from 6:30 pm until 7:15 pm
‘Bloody Sunday’ screening at 7:30 pm

Click the poster for details about the movie
The drama shows the events of the day through the eyes of Ivan Cooper, the Protestant Stormont Member of Parliament (for the Social Democratic and Labour Party) who was a central organiser of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association march in Derry on 30 January 1972. The march ended when British paratroopers fired on the demonstrators, killing thirteen instantly and wounding another thirteen, one of whom died 4½ months later from injuries he received on that day.

An interesting fact about this movie is that Ivan Cooper is played by James Nesbitt, who himself is a Protestant from the area covered in the movie. What does that say about the lamestream snoozemedia’s portrayal of The Troubles as a sectarian fight between Catholics and Protestants? I guess the hairspray heads are too lazy to look up the Irish Rebellion of 1798?

For more information —

Call Chuck McLaughlin 505-235-5906 or 505-255-1848
Check or

All proceeds collected will go directly to the families of Irish POWs currently held in English and Irish Free State prisons

About the 30 January 1972 event / About this movie

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