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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Unsolicited Good Press in the Alibi

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Even when we’re dead in the water, we can still get good press – It Ain’t Easy Being Green – Or Libertarian, or Independent . . .

Here’s the important part of the article for right now[1]:


Though New Mexico has no third-party candidates in statewide or national races this year, the Libertarians do have two for state Legislature seats, which represent small districts. The Libertarians filed the necessary signatures to get their party on the ballot and then collected more for their candidates.

Mike Blessing is running as a write-in in District 16 against Democratic Rep. Antonio “Moe” Maestas. Mark Curtis is running in District 19 on the ballot against Republican Anthony Romo and Democratic incumbent Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton[2]. The Libertarian Party is a minor party in New Mexico with 2,249 members as of March 2010.

The state’s Libertarian chairperson, Jay Vandersloot, says the point is not to disrupt election results. “Some people say the Libertarian Party draws votes from Republicans, and some say it pulls from Democrats. Libertarians are fiscally conservative and ideologically liberal. Our purpose is not to draw votes from another party.” Instead, he says, they’re in the race to win. They also want to promote an ideology that upholds the Constitution, and values liberty and freedom. “Candidates have been swayed by other candidates.”

But it’s hard for the party to find contenders. “The Libertarian view is such that we just want to be able to live our lives without interference from others or government,” Vandersloot says. “So a lot of us are not interested in running in politics. Those that do run feel strongly enough that they need to get in there – not to be a career politician – but to get in there and make a change for the better.”


  1. Links to the campaigns of Mark Curtis and myself added on my end.
  2. For those wanting to help out, Mark can be contacted at 505-256-1993 or
  3. Reposted –
    1. Personal blogs – WordPress / Xanga
    2. KCUF Media — Xanga / New Mexico’s Consumer Advocate
    3. New Mexico Liberty / Mike Blessing for State Representative

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