The Weekly Sedition

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Show notes for 6 January 2011

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The Weekly Sedition
Show Notes for Thursday, 6 January 2011

  1. ‘Birther’ disrupts House reading of Constitution – House Republicans read document aloud, press for strict adherence

    Maybe everyone in Congress should have to take a test on the content and meaning of the United States Constitution? What should be the threshold for passing? I say a minimum of eighty (80) percent.

  2. What about the UNMH Shooter?

    Albuquerque’s college students are disarmed by legislative fiat in the name of “preventing” violence, despite overwhelming evidence that armed civilians are the best defense against violent crime.

  3. GOP leaders criticize Obama’s Iran policy in rally for opposition group

    By Edward Cody, Washington Post Foreign Service, Thursday, December 23, 2010

    Leading conservatives openly support a Terrorist group
    by Glenn Greenwald at Salon

    So terrorism is “OK” when the terrorists are “our guys,” is that the Giuliani message?

  4. New Mexico Film Industry Policy Debate
  5. Arizona ATF Reportedly Smuggling Assault Rifles to Gin Up Crackdown Support
    Gonzo Times – Posted by Jay Batman on Jan 5, 2011

    Phoenix Div: George Gillett in trouble again?:

    Word is that curios George Gillett the Phoenix ASAC stepped on it again. Allegedly he has approved more than 500 AR-15 type rifles from Tucson and Phoenix cases to be ?walked? to Mexico. Appears that ATF may be one of the largest suppliers of assault rifles to the Mexican cartels! One of these rifles is rumored to have been linked to the recent killing of a Border Patrol Officer in Nogales, AZ. Can anyone confirm this information?

  6. KOB-TV (ABQ Ch.4): Martinez unseats entire environmental board

    KOB-TV (ABQ Ch.4): Martinez halts environmental rules

    Is she truly committed to stopping eco-fascist interventions by the State into the market, or is she just in the pocket of New Mexico’s oil and gas industry? If the latter is the case, are the oil and gas people committed to laissez-faire free-market principles, or just favor-seeking plutocrats? Time will tell.

  7. KRQE-TV (ABQ Ch.13): Martinez lowers salaries of Cabinet

    This is a good sign. Maybe I was wrong about her, after all.

  8. KOAT-TV (ABQ Ch.7): Domestic Partnership Benefits In Question – Gov. Martinez Will Review Former Gov. Richardson’s Executive Orders

    As much as it’s necessary to have State government employing people, it doesn’t make sense for the State to offer the benefits package for employee families to only those fitting some arbitrary, religion-based definition of “marriage.”

  9. NM Can Recognize Out-of-State Same-Sex Marriages
    AG’s Opinion: State Law Does Not Prohibit Recognition

    The full opinion

    Exactly what State interest is served by doing otherwise?

  10. First caller: Millions of gallons of jet fuel were spilled at Kirtland AFB and seeped into aquifer. Everybody knows about it, politicians ignored it for years

    Google search: jet fuel aquifer Kirtland AFB

    Apparently it’s a slow leak, that’s been going on for years. A million-gallon spill that happened all at once would be on the order of Exxon Valdez spill, with a concurring media circus around the spill.

    As for damage to the aquifer and the safety of drinking water from that aquifer, isn’t that what water purification is for?

  11. Second caller: British and Chinese troops in Albuquerque?

    Google search: terrorism conference Albuquerque

    My only guess is that they were here for one of those “counter-terrorism” conventions that government agencies sponsor every so often. Someone sets up the event, sends out the invites to all of their buddies, and they wall off part of some hotel and fill it with plenty of Wikileaks bait. Of course, no civilians are allowed to attend, even if they’re willing to pay the Ø500-1000 attendance fees. In between sessions, the attending cops, military people, etc., are of course free to see the local attractions, go for drinks, and whatnot.

    As for the British, well, they’ve been “our partners” in the “War on Terror” (or “War on Terra”, as Victor Milán puts it) since 1946. The CIA and FBI have often been called on to support MI-5 and MI-6 against the various IRA factions, for example.

    What about any Chinese troops? China has had an ongoing insurgency in their northwestern province of Xianjiang for a while now, and several Uyghur members of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement have reportedly been captured with Al-Qaeda and have been held at Guantanamo Bay.

  12. Bernalillo County GOP Convention
    Saturday, 15 January 2011 10:00 AM
    Election of Ward Officers
    Support Ron Paul and Gary Johnson
    Contact Lance Klafeta at 505-480-2344

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