The Weekly Sedition

Friday, 14 January 2011

Show Notes for 13 January 2011

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The Weekly Sedition
Show Notes for Thursday, 13 January 2011

  1. Upcoming guests on the show

    20 January 2011 – Bill English, candidate for U.S. Senate

    27 January 2011 – Adam Kokesh, radio talk show host

  2. Upcoming events in New Mexico

    15 January 2011 – Bernalillo County GOP Convention: Official information / Note about “slating”

    18 January 2011 – Rally at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe featuring Gary Johnson

    1 February 2011 – CNM Bond Election

    16 April 2011 – LPNM Convention (?)

    30 April / 1 May 2011 – Silver Spurs Gun Show at Expo New Mexico

  3. Why The Gun is Civilization, by Marko Kloos

    Apparently this excellent article has been mistakenly attributed to a Maj. L. Caudill USMC (Ret). I’m not saying that there is or was no person named L. Caudill who retired as a major from the U.S. Marine Corps, just that he apparently didn’t write this article – Marko Kloos did.

  4. KOB-TV (ABQ Ch.4): Gov. Martinez targets state cars, cell phones

    I think that what our new governor is targeting is the cops who drive around town in their units, turning on the lights so they can get to the ATM a bit quicker, that sort of thing.

  5. KOAT-TV (ABQ Ch.7): Former Governor Weighs In On Film Debate
    Film Industry’s Tax Incentives Under Review

    Time to slash and burn in the budget, especially where the Film Office and Rail Runner are concerned.

  6. KOAT-TV (ABQ Ch.7): Court To Hear Lawsuit against Gov. Martinez

    Never mind that the members of the “Environmental Improvement Board” weren’t elected to office. They were appointed by Wild Bill Richardson and seated without facing any sort of confirmation by the Legislature. Then they passed a State version of the proposed federal “cap-and-trade” system, which would have jacked up fuel prices here in New Mexico.

    Good for Martinez for handing the Board members their pink slips, and good for her in tossing their illegally-passed scheme.

  7. KRQE-TV (ABQ Ch.13): Nuke plant clears license safety check
    Palo Verde seeking 20-year operating renewal

    See Nuclear No-Contest, by James P. Hogan – especially the following paragraghs:

    Toward Higher Energy Densities

    For reasons that have mainly to do with politics and the media’s thirst for sensationalism, nuclear energy has been a subject of much disinformation and alarmism for several decades. In fact, nuclear is safer, cleaner, and potentially cheaper and more abundant than any other proven source of energy that the human race has come up with. But beyond this, its real significance is that it represents the next natural step in the evolutionary progression that has marked the history of energy development.

    From unaided muscle power, through the use of animals, wood, wind and water, to coal, and oil, finding better ways of doing the work involved in living has reflected the harnessing of more concentrated energy sources. A lot is written about how much energy can be obtained from this source or that source. But if you really want to do things more easily and efficiently – and open up ways to doing new things that were inconceivable before – what counts is energy density. How much can be packed into a given volume. It’s easy to calculate how much energy it takes to lift three hundred people across the Atlantic, and how much wood you’d need to burn to release that much energy. Okay, now try building a wood-burning 757. It won’t work. The mountain of logs will never get itself off the ground. You need the concentration of jet fuel.

  8. First call: Someone in a Russian military uniform reported having lunch at the food court of Coronado Mall.

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