The Weekly Sedition

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Show Notes for 27 January 2011

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The Weekly Sedition
Show Notes for Thursday, 27 January 2011

Tonight’s scheduled guest Adam Kokesh had a last-minute change of plans and was unable to make it.

Upcoming events in New Mexico

1 February 2011 – CNM Bond Election

5 / 6 March 2011 – NM Gun Collectors Show at Expo New Mexico

16 April 2011 – LPNM Convention (?)

30 April / 1 May 2011 – Silver Spurs Gun Show at Expo New Mexico

5 / 6 June 2011 – NM Gun Collectors Show at Expo New Mexico

1 / 2 October 2011 – NM Gun Collectors Show at Expo New Mexico

Tonight’s articles for discussion

The 2011 State of the Union

Boston Tea Party Response / Libertarian Party response

Hey, the recession is over, the Iraq Occupation is ending – good times are a-comin’, just take your blue pill, shut up and do as you’re told.

25% film industry rebate fractures Roundhouse

I’m beginning to think that I was wrong about Susana Martinez

Police Union To Vote No Confidence In Darren White

Ahhh . . . but will this be a binding vote that can actually oust White?

Teens who beat up burglar now charged

Somehow I just can’t bring myself to having any sympathy for Mr. Hubbard. Perhaps it’s time to revive the practice of private criminal prosecutions.

The Most Important Election You Don’t Know Anything About . . . Yet

If simply throwing piles of Federal Reserve Notes at the issue were the solution, then all of the students enrolled in APS would be star performers at the Ph.D. level by now. Instead, we’re getting ripped off.

Recommendations: Vote against any and all incumbents – until they prove otherwise, I can only assume that they prefer to throw bigger and bigger piles of cash to APS to get ever-declining standards and results. And consider homeschooling if at all possible.

DWI Awareness Day, Film Incentives & Convention Bill

Considering that it’s already illegal for anyone under 21 years of age to obtain or possess alcohol, and it’s a felony for anyone over 21 to provide alcohol to anyone under 21 . . . yet the kids still manage to get drunk. But another law will solve the problem? Sure it will – after all, murder, theft, assault, battery, rape and fraud are all illegal, so nobody commits those crimes anymore. Isn’t that right, Sen. Cravens?

Indian Leader: Unleash Energy on Tribal Lands

I note that Mr. Keel cited “bureaucratic obstacles” as a primary reason that the energy industries haven’t established themselves on the reservations. I wonder how many of those obstacles were created by the BIA and how many were created by various tribal governments.

Know your rights as the accused / Know your rights as a juror

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