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Friday, 4 February 2011

Show Notes for 3 February 2011

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Upcoming events in New Mexico

5 / 6 March 2011 – NM Gun Collectors Show at Expo New Mexico

16 April 2011 – LPNM Convention (?)

30 April / 1 May 2011 – Silver Spurs Gun Show at Expo New Mexico

5 / 6 June 2011 – NM Gun Collectors Show at Expo New Mexico

1 / 2 October 2011 – NM Gun Collectors Show at Expo New Mexico

Tonight’s articles for discussion

From KOB-TV (ABQ Ch.4):

Plumbers busy as pipes begin to burst
New Mexicans still struggle with cold weather
Gov. Martinez declares a state of emergency
Gas company explains cause of shortage

The fact remains that the New Mexico Gas Company is a monopoly created by the Public Regulation Commission (PRC). If there were no PRC to create that monopoly, chances are that there would be plenty of gas companies to provide gas to paying customers. There would be plenty of gas to go around and prices would go down due to competition. People wouldn’t have to turn down the thermostat, as R.J. Berry has advocated, and the pipes in houses wouldn’t burst due to freezing.

First Community Bank closed; U.S. Bank purchasing
Bank customers wonder what takeover means for their money
More on the closure from the FDIC

Wait a second here – weren’t all of the federal banking regulations supposed to prevent this, just like those same sorts of regulations did in October, 1929?

Richardson’s records sealed for 8 years
State denies request for months of Richardson’s e-mails
Richardson gives reason why public emails are sealed

The records request and denial documents

Letter from NMFOG

I wonder what office he’ll seek next . . .

Lawmakers look to remove Gov. from investment board

How is it that it wasn’t a conflict of interest for Bill Richardson to sit on the State Investment Council, but now the Governor’s Office is held by the “opposition party,” it’s a pressing issue?

From KOAT-TV (ABQ Ch.7):

Auditor Threatened During Corrections Probe

This looks interesting – let’s hope Larry Barker follows up on this one.

NM No Longer A Sanctuary State, Gov. Says

Am I supposed to seriously believe that produce pickers and janitors are any sort of threat to national security?

From KRQE-TV (ABQ Ch.13):

ABQ dog to sniff around Super Bowl XLV

Are we supposed to believe that there are no bomb-sniffing dogs in Arlington, Texas (where the game will be played)?

APS Superintendent’s contract extended

So it’s a case of “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, while We the Taxpayers (who pay his grossly-inflated salary) get tooken a longer ride?

From Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership:

A Dire Warning to American Jews

Rabbi Bendory covers all the bases here. I’m looking forward to seeing more articles from him in the future.

From USA Today:

Bernanke upbeat, but says more jobs needed for recovery

Never mind that with the latest round of Quantitative easing, he increased the money supply by about 20%. With that increase will come a rise in prices – the root cause of inflation is that the growth of the money supply outpaces the growth of products and services that can be purchased with that money.

In Egypt, protesters, Mubarak loyalists fight for 2nd day

We’ve seen from the G-8 and G-20 protest marches that government agencies will infiltrate the protestors and try to incite violent behavior. See this photo from a G-20 protest in Canada, where the cops are wearing the same kind of boots as the “protestors.”

What to do if an American “Internet Kill Switch” becomes real and is used?

Considering that the initial stages of the anti-Mubarak protests in Egypt were organized over the internet (Facebook and Twitter, for example), one of the first things that Mubarak’s internal-security apparatus did was to cut off non-governmental access to those services, in the hopes that the protest would fizzle out with its coordinators unable to communicate with the rank-and-file. Fat chance – all that did was piss off the protestors, and since the coordinators were the ones urging everyone else to remain non-violent, well, some violent incidents happened.

Here in the States, certain treasonous Senators (Lieberman, Collins) who couldn’t care less about the First Amendment that they swore to uphold and defend have supported legislation that would give Imperial Washington (DC) the same sort of powers to restrict American civilians’ access to the internet. Would they use those powers to stifle something like the Tea Party groups? Can there be any real doubt that they would?

Wired: Communicate if Your Government Shuts Off Your Internet
PC World: Get Internet Access When Your Government Shuts It Down

Thanks to Mark Quon for the links!

Know your rights as the accused / Know your rights as a juror


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