The Weekly Sedition

Friday, 25 March 2011

The Weekly Sedition — Show Notes for 24 March 2011

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The Weekly Sedition

Show Notes for Thursday, 24 March 2011

Upcoming events in New Mexico

Thursday, 7 April 2011 – The Libertarian Party of New Mexico hosts its monthly Albuquerque Liberty Forum at Sizzler (7212 Menaul NE).

Tuesday, 12 April 2011 – Friends of Capitalism holds its monthly meeting at the Rio Chama Steakhouse in Santa Fe (414 Old Santa Fe Trail) at 6:00 PM. Arrive early as parking is at a premium. Contact Jim McCaughey for details.

Friday, 15 April – The various Tea Party groups in New Mexico are planning for their signature rallies. In Albuquerque, the rally is scheduled for 4:00 – 7:00 PM, and the staging area is the intersection of Menaul and Louisiana NE.

Friday, 15 / Saturday, 16 April 2011 – Libertarian Party of New Mexico 2011 Annual State Convention

Saturday, 30 April / Sunday, 1 May 2011 – Silver Spurs Gun Show at Expo New Mexico

Saturday, 5 / Sunday, 6 June 2011 – NM Gun Collectors Association Gun, Sword and Knife Show at Expo New Mexico

Saturday, 16/23 July / Sunday, 17/24 July 2011 (?) – Silver Spurs Gun Show at Expo New Mexico

Saturday, 1 / Sunday, 2 October 2011 – NM Gun Collectors Association Show at Expo New Mexico

Saturday, 10 December / Sunday, 11 December 2011 – Silver Spurs Gun Show at Expo New Mexico

Tonight’s articles for discussion

From KOB-TV (Albuquerque Ch.4)

UNM president proposes tuition hike

How many VPs does UNM have? How many more multi-million-“dollar” recreational complexes is UNM going to build?

Obama signs off on NM disaster declaration

More “stimulus” cash by another name.

From KOAT-TV (Albuquerque Ch.7)

Kirtland Jet Fuel Spill Seeps Into Neighborhood

And the eco-fascists blame the private sector for destroying the environment . . . .

Governor Appoints Horse Racing Commission Members

Is this Commission really necessary?

Man Who Had Sex With Horse Released From Prison

A sad case of unrequited love . . . ?

From KRQE-TV (Albuquerque Ch.13)

Business groups want unemployment fix bill signed

What ever happened to free markets?

Shop owner shoots at suspected robber

Hats off to Ray’s Smoke Shop on Isleta Boulevard SW!

From the Weekly Alibi

Playing Chicken With Millions

The good stuff coming from the Legislature:

  • The capital outlay bill was filibustered by Sens. John Ryan and Rod Adair – proponents of the various projects that would have been funded should look to the private sector instead to get them done. An added bonus – because this didn’t pass, New Mexico doesn’t qualify for federal “matching funds,” either.
  • The proposed bans on same-sex marriages died in committee. Either marriage is a sacrament – a religious affair – and thus State government should adopt a total hands-off policy towards it, or it’s a civil institution, in which case government should be forbidden from denying it to people based on sexual orientation. Of course, there’s the idea that you shouldn’t have to get permission from the State and County to interact with other people.
  • The “Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act” was passed, which means that non-violent drug “offenders” go to a treatment system instead of prison. Of course, there exists the problem that such treatment programs could be more intrusive than prison.
  • Another bill requiring you to report how much of your cash you spend for political purposes died at the last minute.
  • The subsidy hand-outs for the film industry were cut back and capped at Ø50 million by the Legislature.
  • Alcohol servers who unknowingly sell alcohol to minors face a conviction for a petty misdemeanor with a maximum of six months in jail and a Ø500 fine, as opposed to a felony conviction with 18 months and a Ø5,000 fine.
  • No new abortion laws were passed, either restricting it (per William Sharer, Dennis Roch, Alonzo Baldonado and Conrad James) or subsidizing or encouraging it (HB 291).

From USA Today

Obama team: Libya is not a ‘war’

White House considering ‘all options’ in Libya

Back in 2007, then-Senator (now Vice President) Joe Biden said that if George W. Bush ordered military action against Iran, that Bush should be impeached. I wonder if he’s changed his tune now that Obama is ordering military action against Libya?

MUST-SEE VIDEO from Stansberry &

Porter Stansberry talks about the ongoing and escalating decline of the dollar:

Texas stores accepting pesos
Manhattan stores accept euros
Oil trade to convert to euro, yen

Know your rights as the accused / Know your rights as a juror

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