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Friday, 12 October 2012

Liveblog of the 2012 U.S. Senate “Debate”

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6:04 PM: Heather Wilson scolds Heinrich for being a big-spending, big-government Congresscritter.
Heinrich returns the favor. Heinrich brings up the DNC talking points.

6:05 PM: Heather mentions her ten years in the U.S. House for the first time that I’ve heard this election season.

6:06 PM: Heinrich – all of the Bush years were deficit spending.

6:07 PM: Heinrich – Ryan budget plan is part of the tax cuts

6:08 PM: Wilson tries to “school” Heinrich – same manner as Romney vs Obama – but comes off really lame.
Heinrich calls “cut, cap and balance” the “Tea Party plan”

6:09 PM: Heinrich says we need to level the playing field, invest in infrastructure.
Wilson says government can’t create wealth – we need low taxes and “predictable regulations”

6:10 PM: Wilson to Heinrich – You want to raise taxes on small businesses.
Heinrich cites Romney as an example of someone who needs to pay more.

6:11 PM: Heinrich – Cut cap and balance would cut pay of firefighters, military people, cops.
Wilson to Heinrich – “you don’t understand how taxes work”

6:12 PM: Heinrich – “we can’t just cut spending” – “we need to raise revenue as well”

6:13 PM: Wilson – would be happy to raise revenue.
Knipfing – “What programs to cut?”
Wilson – Cut Obamacare because it takes 716B from Medicare, balanced budget amendment
Heinrich – Reagan pay-go plan worked – new programs must be paid for, get rid of things we don’t need anymore – oil subsidies for big oil companies, not small outfits on Permian Basin. Romney doesn’t pays enough in taxes.

6:15 PM: Wilson – Bush tax relief spurred economic growth, reduced deficit.

6:16 PM: Wilson – Domenici got us back to balanced budget, you [Heinrich] have voted for deficit spending all years in Congress

6:17 PM: Heinrich – we do well as a country when the middle class does well, protecting social security and medicare, keeping promises to veterans
Wilson to Heinrich: “quit ‘helping’ the middle class.”

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