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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Washington’s (and My Own?) Birthd . . . Week

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Got this recently from The Daily Reckoning:

The Daily Reckoning – Monday, February 18, 2013

Greg Kadajski checking in today from Baltimore, Maryland . . .

Dear Reader,

Today is “Washington’s Birthday.” Well . . . not really. George Washington was actually born on February 22nd. But thanks to the Uniform Monday Holiday Act – the purpose of which you can only guess at – we now celebrate it on the third Monday of February.

And so, in a sense, the US government now mandates that “February 22nd” actually fall somewhere between February 15th and February 21st of each calendar year.

Yup . . . That seems in keeping with a governmental view of the facts.

Considering that my own birthday falls into this same time frame (21 February), does this apply to me as well?

Can I get a guaranteed day off with pay, as the Posties do every year for “President’s Day” ?

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