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Monday, 25 March 2013

DFA Survey — What’s Most Important in 2013?

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Recently I received via email a survey from the “left” “liberal” fascist group “Democracy for America.”

Chances are that they don’t actually care about what I think about the various issues – after I clicked the “Submit” button, a page asking me to donate ∅∅∅∅∅ came up. I suspect that’s all they were after all along, and that the “survey” was simply camouflage towards that end – “We care what you think. Give us money.”

Here at Democracy for America, members like you make our work possible — and that means you get to call the shots.

What are your top priorities for this year? What issues matter most to you? What candidates in your area should we endorse?

As we work to change our country and the Democratic party from the bottom-up, it’s important we hear from you — that’s what being people-powered is all about.

Please, take a moment and share your thoughts.

What is the most important issue to you right now?

Civil Liberties

If your top issue is not listed above, please tell us about it here.

Repealing and overturning unnecessary laws, stopping new bad laws from getting enacted in the first place

Is there a candidate in your area that we should know about?

Maybe Gary Johnson?

What other issues are you following right now? [My choices in boldface – MWB]

Big Business
Budget and Taxes
Campaign Finance Reform
Civil Liberties
Economy and Jobs
Gun Safety
Health Care
Labor and Unions
LGBT Rights
Net Neutrality and Internet Freedom
Social Security
Voting Rights
War and Peace
Women’s Rights

What state do you live in?

New Mexico

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the issues or elections you’re following in 2013?

How about the Democratic Party’s elected officials start repealing some laws for a change, and lessen the burden of government upon the rest of us?

Protecting the individual right to own and carry military-pattern weapons as is supposed to be protected by the Second Amendment is a big issue for me personally. The more likely a candidate is to support repealing the National Firearms Act of 1934, the more likely that candidate will get my support.

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