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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

“NM Gubernatorial Candidate Adam Kokesh” ?

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4/20/2015 1:05 PM:

So what has former NM Gubernatorial Candidate Adam Kokesh been up to lately? He’s become a West Coaster like Mark Dice (watch on his YouTube channel) and taken to interviewing Obama supporters.

Except that Adam Kokesh never ran for Governor, in New Mexico or any other state.

Adam ran for New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional seat in 2010, and was given the Ron Paul treatment (slam the door in his face every time) by the GOPNM hierarchy.


  1. Blowback comes home to New Mexico
  2. A Letter from a New Mexico Veteran
  3. GOT ADAM!


  1. Approximate reading level – 12.8
  2. Listening – Accept by Accept

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