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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Re: Addenda — Alert District 6 Voters

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Subject: Re: Addenda – Alert District 6 voters
Date: Tue, 22 September 2015 23:02:26
From: Mike Blessing
To: undisclosed-recipients

09/22/2015 10:35 AM:

“Intellectual freedom cannot exist without political freedom; political cannot exist without economic freedom; a free mind and a free market are corollaries.” — Ayn Rand

Dear New Mexicans, — 1 item —

Breaking: This came in moments ago.

Progressive Democrat, Pat Davis — founder of Progressive Now and running for city council, District 6, is running against the Republican candidate, Hess “Hessito” Yntema.

We need very importantly to elect the Republican, Hessito. There is a good opportunity to do so.

District 6 voters have 3 choices for City Councilor: Progressive Pat Davis, another Democrat who is challenging him and Hess “Hessito” Yntema, a Republican.

Whatever your party affiliation, you should know that Pat Davis has a DWI record, about which he lied to the Albuquerque Journal.

He told the Journal that he accepts responsibility for the arrest. However, the Journal has evidence that that is not exactly true. The Journal states that Mr. Davis’ attorney tried for months to have the charges dismissed, filing several motions to that end. Only when those motions to dismiss were denied did Mr. Davis “accept responsibility.”

Personally, I urge voters to vote for the Republican. With the possibility of a bigger effort coming for the so-called “fair” work week that the Progressives are pushing, it is vital to strengthen the Republican position on the City Council. I surely hope everyone will vote early.

Thank you for your attention to this e-mail.

What evidence exists that Little Hessie actually cares about those Tea Party values of laissez-faire free markets, Constitutionally-limited government, individual rights and public-sector fiscal restraint?

It should be plain for all who do care about those values that someone simply having “REP” printed on their voter registration card isn’t sufficient proof of a candidate’s fidelity to the cause of freedom.

Will Hess Jr. stand up for those Tea Party values against the likes of the Keynesian Richard Berry when it comes time to vote against such “improvements” as the 50-mile bike path, the summertime skating rink?

How about when Friedman Recycling demands a guaranteed profit margin from its contract with the Berry Administration?

What is his position on the right to own and carry weapons, as protected by the Second Amedment and Article II, Section 6 of the New Mexico State Constitution?

Will Hess Jr. stand up for that right, or will he treat gun owners as Nate Gentry, Monica Youngblood and Susana Martinez have in the past — as a political soccer ball, to be kicked around when it’s expedient to do so?


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