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Thursday, 28 July 2022

[LPNM] Submission for Libertarian NM Lt. Gov. Candidate Name

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From: Karen Bedonie
To: Chris Luchini, Efren Gallardo
CC: Crystal Meiwes, Elizabeth Honcee, Elisheva Levin, Mike Blessing, Angela McArdle, Caryn Ann Harlos
Date: Thursday, July 28th, 2022 at 8:45 PM [MST]

Greetings Mr. Luchini,

Recognizing the new situation of the vacancy of Lt. Governor (L), pursuant NMSA 1978, Section 1-8-8(A), in respect to the January 31, 2022 Secretary of State Declaration date requirement, my campaign for Governor respectfully submits Efren Gallardo, Jr. for Lt. Governor (L). After careful consideration, we know that the urban corridors of Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Las Cruces are the greatest concentration of this election and will need a perfect strategic candidate to tip the win. We also know that roughly 60% of the New Mexico voting base is of Spanish speaking descent. Among all other qualities and requirements our campaign sought after, we are happy to affirm our choice. We graciously support Efren Gallardo Jr. for Lt. Governor to join the Bedonie Campaign for Governor on the Libertarian ticket. The Mr. Gallardo is a New Mexico Spanish speaking Native and a highly respected professional in the major urban settings of Albuquerque / Las Cruces. Mr. Gallardo has huge family ties across the state and will be a major asset in the current time crunch and he is the only candidate that we recommend. He is a registered Libertarian and will bring a very positive and powerful light to the campaign and to the party. Below is his contact information.

Once his candidacy is official, we can have our campaign(s) move to add his name to our statewide support. Our campaign is heating up and time is of the essence. We truly feel we have the greatest opportunity in this election with Mr. Gallardo. Please feel free to contact the campaign at [Phone number REDACTED — MWB]. Mrs. Crystal Meiwes will kindly direct your inquiry to me in my many rural infrastructural-communication challenges. We look forward to hearing from you and receiving Mr. Gallardo’s candidacy submission to the SOS. God bless.

[Contact information REDACTED — MWB]

Yours in Freedom and Liberty,
Karen E. Bedonie
Candidate for New Mexico Governor

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Alternatives to Facebook and Twitter

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Tom Souther
Monday, April 20, 2020 at 8:03 PM!

The WrapFacebook Will Remove Content Organizing Protests Against Stay-at-Home Orders, Zuckerberg Says by Sean Burch

Consider Diaspora*, Flote, Friendica, Gab, Liberty.Me, MeWe, Minds, Pocketnet, or Spreely as possible alernatives to Facebook and Twitter.

Diaspora* doesn’t have pages or groups, and it helps if you can read German, French and Spanish, but there is some interesting stuff there.

Friendica is similar to Diaspora, along with the posts in Russian and Japanese.

Gab is a less-censored version of Twitter.

MeWe lets you create groups at no charge, but charges you per month for pages. Also, they don’t let you share links for anything there (including your own stuff) outside of MeWe.

On top of this, Facebook won’t let you post links to any content on Minds, hence the above URL.

Spreely offers the same sort of stuff as Facebook (pages, groups, video channels), but doesn’t seem to do the same sort of arbitrary lefty-biased shadow-banning that we’ve seen on Facebook.

Thus, I’m slowly duplicating my Facebook pages and groups on Spreely, in advance of a mass migration.

Also, while Facebook will allow you to post links to Spreely, the FB system labels it as “403 Forbidden.”

YouMe seems to be a new outfit. Like MeWe, they don’t seem to let you share links of what you post outside their system.

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