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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Spam, Spam and More Spam

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Another bit of spam circulated to me from the infrared-emitting meat-puppet (R) in the Billingsley “vs.” Bregman turd-polishing contest commonly referred to as “the U.S. Senate race” :

9/27/2014 6:26 AM:

From the Weh campaign, Albuquerque

“Why is long-time entrenched career politician Tom Udall running negative campaign ads? Because he doesn’t want you to know the facts.

Udall’s new attack ad today claims we want to deny seniors their healthcare. Who is he kidding?

He’s the only candidate in this race that voted to cut Medicare by $716 billion when he cast his deciding vote for ObamaCare! He cast a deciding vote to rob Medicare to help pay for it. “Tom Foolery” at its best!

So the GOP plan to “support health freedom” is to complain about Obama’s 21st century scheme of medical national socialism by saying it will take away from Lyndon Johnson’s 1965 scheme of medical national socialism?

They do know that Lyndon Johnson was a Democrat? One of the people that they say they’re against, correct?

So much for the GOP supporting those Tea Party ideals of free markets, limited government and individual rights.

But the reality of campaign advertising is that it can influence voters — even if it’s not true. And Udall’s ad is not only NOT true, it’s almost a joke! But now we have to quickly craft an ad to reply to this false attack, and that costs money we hadn’t planned on.

What’s the matter? Did Weh run out of funds from his profiteering shell-game known as “CSI Aviation” ? Not enough taxpayer FRNs coming in from We The Fleeced to count as “contributions” ?

He can always pass the hat to Slick Willard Romney.

But Weh has a two-shot here – after Weh responds to the latest Udall attempt at mudslinging, then Weh can do another ad telling us how great that ad was – isn’t that how it works?

Please help us respond to Udall’s attack so we can get the real truth out to our voters. Please give $75, $150, or $250 to help us stand up to Tom Udall.

Ask David Clements for some cash.


Who owns you? Who runs your life? Who wipes your ass? Who should – you or someone else?
Freedom is the answer – what’s the question?

“An elephant: A mouse built to government specifications.”
“Anything free is worth what you pay for it.”
“Be wary of strong drink. It can make you shoot at tax collectors – and miss.”
“In a mature society, ‘civil servant’ is semantically equal to ‘civil master.'”
“Place your clothes and weapons where you can find them in the dark.”
“Taxes are not levied for the benefit of the taxed.”
– Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love, The Notebooks of Lazarus Long

“Government is the disease that masquerades as its own cure.”
– Robert LeFevre

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
– Samuel Adams, speech at the Philadelphia State House, August 1, 1776.

“If you wanna live long on your own terms
You gotta be willing to crash and burn”
– Motley Crue, “Primal Scream”


  1. From The Weekly Sedition:

    Coverup in the Bernalillo County GOP [1] (Shortlink:

    Weh v. Clements, Part 2 (Shortlink:


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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Coverup in the Bernalillo County GOP [1]

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Over the past ten days the Republican Delegates to the State Pre-Primary Convention have been flooded with stories and rumors of what took place at the Bernalillo Pre-Convention Meeting on February 5th, 2014.

In order for our party to be unified in defeating Tom Udall, we are releasing all documents pertaining to the events of February 5th, with an understanding of how those events took place and how people have been pressured to change their stories to benefit the Weh campaign.

We hope that after reading these materials you will come to your own conclusion as to whether any wrongdoing occurred at the Bernalillo Pre-Convention Meeting, or the events that transpired following that night.

What Occurred On February 5th?

Three days prior to the Pre-Convention Meeting, the Bernalillo rules committee met and changed the county rules to allow “those that could not attend the convention due to weather be allowed to be voted upon as a delegate by those attending the event.”

New Mexico State Rules, which supersede any county rules declare that any rule change must occur at least 28 days prior to any county convention, and the Clements campaign was notified of this change only an hour prior to the start of the convention. (1) (2) (3)

Any challenge to this ruling was required to be made no later than one hour before the start of any county convention, which happens to be the exact time that the Clements campaign was informed of the rule change.(4)

The second, and more egregious, error made by the county committee involves the election of at large delegates.

After delegates were nominated and elected by each ward of Bernalillo county, 30 delegate positions were still available to be elected to the state convention. Past convention precedent clearly shows that these “at-large” delegates are to be elected from the pool of unelected delegate nominees remaining in person at the county convention. Instead, they were elected from a list of non-present persons provided to the meeting by Diego Espinoza, Allen Weh’s own campaign manager. (4)

Throughout this process the ballots were “secured” by none other than the treasurer for Allen Weh’s campaign, and “ballot counters” were actually Allen Weh staff members who were even wearing campaign materials. (5) (6)

What Was Done To Correct Any Wrongdoing?

By the deadline to contest the decision, February 10th, multiple protests were submitted to the chairman of the Bernalillo County Republican Party, Frank Ruvolo. (7) (21)

A decision on the issue was returned later on February, 10th. He had decided that the at-large delegates were improperly placed and would be removed from the Bernalillo slate. (8)

This decision was aided with input from Dr. Charles Tipton, and input from State Republican Chairman John Billingsley. (9) (10)

The matter seemed to be put to rest until Chairman Ruvolo suddenly reversed his decision citing “long discussions” and reseating the at-large delegates. (11)

How the Clements Campaign Responded

On February 17th, David Clements released an open letter to Allen Weh informing him of what had occurred, and sought the opportunity to work together to find an equitable solution to what happened in Bernalillo County. (12)

Later on February 17th Diego Espinoza responded to David Clements claiming that no protests had been filed and that David’s letter was a stunt. David Clements quickly responded. (12)

After this email was sent, emails were circulate from Frank Ruvolo, Dr. Charles Tipton, and Chairman John Billingsley seemingly denying that they had ever provided testimony or decisions that would call into question the events of February 5th. (13) (14)

Chairman Billingsley even emailed every delegate in response to Clements’ open letter. (15) (16)

What Happened Next?

The latest in this series of events occurred on February 21st, when the Clements campaign email account was hacked by a staff member of the Allen Weh Campaign.

Diego Espinoza, the Weh campaign manager, abused the Clements email system and used it to resend the open letter to multiple delegates. (17)

Mr. Espinoza willingly did this numerous times, and some delegates received over 8 copies of the open letter to Allen Weh.

The Clements campaign went to their Internet service provider to find out why delegates were receiving multiple copies of the open letter. They were provided with a link that identified Mr. Espinoza as having willingly forwarded the email in excess of 500 times. (18) (19) (20)

There is no question that Diego Espinoza acted with ill intent in regards to David’s open letter to Allen Weh.


We encourage you to read these documents, examine them, and make a decision on what you believe happened.

Please Note: Email addresses, phone numbers, MAC addresses, IP addresses and other information are redacted for privacy.

  1. “Republican Party of Bernalillo County Prescribed Special Rules of 2012 Pre-Primary Convention And Mass Meeting of Ward Caucuses;” February 19th, 2012
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  17. Reference of all relevant documents and information to the New Mexico State Police, Special Investigations Division, as necessary and appropriate in cooperation with a criminal investigation is intended.
  18. Image 3: “Diego forwarding emails from his campaign account;” February 25th, 2014
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  1. Santa Fe Reporter: US Senate Candidate Alleges Email Hacking, Delegate Cheating In Contentious GOP Primary
  2. Google search – Clements Weh


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  2. Original articles

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Friday, 29 November 2013

New Mexico Senate Candidate David Clements talks in Las Cruces

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New Mexico Senate Candidate David Clements talks in Las Cruces

by Randy Lynch

Photo credit: Randy Lynch

I’ve always found it refreshing when I see a stereotype blown apart. It’s nice to know that people are not always predictable. I had this happen on November 12 when I had the opportunity to hang for a while with David Clements and some of the closer circle of friends that has been supporting his run for the Senate against Tom Udall here in New Mexico. Clements had spent the previous hour and a half meeting with a large group of Las Crucens at one of the conference rooms at Andele’s Restaurant in Mesilla to talk about his candidacy. Everything I’ve ever seen, heard and read primed me to expect a very prim and proper attitude; a focus on how effective the night was, a breakdown of people’s reactions, talk on strategy and how to adjust the message to appeal to as many people as possible. No, this was more like a bunch of friends hanging out and enjoying each others’ company while winding down. This was a group basking in the feeling of doing a job well . . . of doing something worth the effort.

Of course, they did talk about about the evening and how it seemed to go, people’s reactions and such, like I’d expected, although in a very informal and laid back manner. The idea of adjusting the message, however, wasn’t even an issue, as the message that David Clements is standing up for is not really his own; it’s a message that was first laid out over 200 years ago by the founders of our great nation. It’s not a message that really requires any adjustment. It’s the message of our constitutional liberties and principles. While no event is perfect . . . ever . . . there was much for them to be proud of as they went over the events of the evening.

Right off, they ended up utilizing the entire room when the plan had been to use only half of it. There were easily twice as many people in attendance as were expected. It shouldn’t have been so surprising, though. After all, there are so many people in New Mexico who are sick and tired of the business-as-usual attitude of our politicians; making it constantly clear that we the people are only important to them when they need our vote. The rest of the time, we’re nothing but a distant buzz in the ears of the majority of these people who are supposed to represent us. There really should be nothing unexpected when people sit up and start paying attention when presented to an alternative to the status quo.

Clements started off introducing himself, explaining who he is, where he’s coming from and how he got to this point. He was born into a family of five kids and, after his father lost his job in aerospace in 1990, they traveled across the country to South Carolina with his grandparents, where they ended up with nine people living under one roof. His father found work in a grocery store and his mother worked for K-Mart and Lowes Home Improvement. She still does to this day. When his father retired and moved to New Mexico, Clements moved with them. He slept on the floor of his parents’ apartment while trying to get on his feet. He started getting his life on track, met the woman who would become his wife and became a Christian. He said, “Things started to change. I started looking at others as opposed to just myself and doors started to open.” While he is not looking to push his religious views on others, he also feels it is important for people to understand that his faith is an important part of his life and it goes a long way toward defining who he is; what kind of a person he is and where his strong convictions regarding right and wrong come from.

He talked a little about one of his heroes, William Wilberforce, a member of the British Parliament who took an unwavering stand in the movement to end slavery after becoming an evangelical Christian. After his conversion, he seriously considered leaving politics to go into the ministry, but a friend encouraged him to treat parliament as his ministry. Wilberforce took the challenge to heart and spent the rest of his life focussed on reforming parliament and ending slavery. He stayed focussed on his mission for the next 30 years no matter what anyone, including those in his own party, said or thought and three days before he died, slavery was abolished in the UK. He became a hero and inspiration to Clements because he was willing to stand by his convictions with no regard for the opposition or even for the final goal.

Clements spoke specifically about the job description for a U.S. Senator. He cited Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution and the 18 enumerated functions that Congress has authority to legislate. As he pointed out, regulating the size of toilet bowls and light bulbs were not among those 18 functions. Elected officials were originally elected to go to Washington and make sure the federal government did not encroach on the states’ rights, but we’ve gotten away from that, exchanging it for a legislature that wants to take control over every aspect of our lives. Is he looking to run to be a part of that? Truthfully, he says it’s really not a case of wanting to run. The thought of doing something so big is terrifying to him at times, but he is more terrified by the course our country is on and, as he picked up his small son, it became obvious that the thought of leaving this nation to his son in the direction it’s heading terrifies him most of all. So, he’s not looking to run for his own desires and ego. He’s looking at the bigger picture and the welfare of others and he’s not alone. Clements wife, Erin, is right there with him. They feel called to do this because they feel that we’re out of time. He’s 33, turns 34 this January and his assessment is that we can’t put this off any further and, right now, it’s the responsibility of his generation to step up, make a stand and set an example for others.

In 2006, when going to law school he came across Ron Paul and free market economists warning us about the housing bill. They were laughed at but didn’t back down. Clements looked at this from a business point of view as opposed to a political one. He was going to be a business lawyer to serve in Las Cruces, but while he was in law school, the market fell apart. His career path seemed cut off. He heard about the Federal Reserve and the banking industry and their effects on the markets so he dedicated 3 years of his life to studying that side of our economy. He started to realize that a certain point of view gets pushed to the forefront and the naysayers, such as those warning about the housing crisis, weren’t getting their voices heard very well, but they weren’t backing down or giving up. This whole situation specifically caught his attention because it was math; not politics, not right vs. left or one party over another. “This was: How much money do we have? Where does this money come from? How are we paying for all these programs? How come our debt is out of control? What’s the effect of having our debt out of control? And we start talking about this 17 trillion dollar debt we’re kinda getting used to it. What’s the difference between 18 trillion and 17 trillion or do we reassess when we get to a gazillion?” While that narrative may be getting tired with some people, it isn’t with Clements. He sees these numbers and understands just how bad this is for the U.S. It’s just getting scarier and scarier and he see that. He pointed out that each of us is saddled with over $140,000 worth of debt right now. That means all of us, including our children. Clements pointed to his young son, specifically mentioning that this boy with a big smile of his face, enjoying being around his daddy as he speaks and bringing a smile to each of us with his carefree attitude typical of children, is one of us that has that debt resting heavily on his shoulders. “Our annual budgets are about $4.3 trillion and we’re running deficits of over $1 trillion per year to fund the government. We’re borrowing from the Chinese and paying interest on what we borrow. We paid over $400 billion in interest last year and we’re doing that every year,” said Clements. The rest of the money we spend is coming from the printing presses (the Federal Reserve). He pointed out that by printing so much money just to cover all the government spending, the power of the dollar is being destroyed. He talked about the fact that we live in a very poor state and people like his father are on fixed incomes out here where the the buying power of his dollar is being stripped away. He said that, while some would say he had achieved the American dream (a lawyer at 33, married to a smart and attractive civil engineer, father to a happy and healthy young boy), The reality is that we’re paying into Social Security that we’ll never see. He’s been paying into a state retirement account that’s insolvent. While he couldn’t tell you right now what’s going to happen in the next five years financially, he does have the education and knowledge base to understand these sorts of problems and see that our current course doesn’t end well. He believes that he has a unique tool set to evaluate these kinds of problems that many other candidates don’t have. As an attorney, he has looked at some of the legislation that Tom Udall has sponsored and, “. . . he’s killing us.”

Clements reached a point where he got tired of watching where our country was going and wanted to do something about it, so he got involved in a grassroots movement and ended up making a strong showing, along with many other like-minded patriots, at the New Mexico Republican Convention and he got elected as chairman of the Dona Ana County Republican Party. He started talking to other political groups because his focus was on finding true conservative candidates who were ready to stand up and take on the fight to take back our country. His reasoning goes beyond party lines: “Not because it’s right to be a Republican, but because it’s right to follow the law. It’s right to follow the Constitution.” He wanted to find people who would imbue the Party with value. Then people started challenging him to run because of his knowledge base and passion. His first response was that he didn’t want to run and certainly not for something as big as a U.S. Senate position. He knows that that is still a sore subject with many in the NM GOP that he came up out of seemingly nowhere to win the Dona Ana chairmanship and, while he does care about what those people think and he’s not looking to hurt others or step on toes, he has long reached a point where he is desperate to change things and if he has to take the initiative and the lead, so be it. He knew that winning the DARP position was something that was possible for him to achieve, so he went for it and he has tried to build bridges, repair damage and bring in more conservatives, both those who are more part of the establishment and others who have felt pushed to the outside fringes. Clements said the Republican Party is supposed to be the party of the Constitution, but we’ve been running scared, in part because it’s proven to be true that being a liberal tends to give you with a higher probability of being elected, so there’s been a move in the party to more of a ‘moderate’ position. “At the end of the day,” Clements said, “I don’t want to be a moderate. I don’t want to be a liberal. If that means I can’t win, that’s not something I want to be a part of. It’s not something that excites me. It’s not something that excites our young people. They’re just as attracted to liberty and freedom as anyone else. The reason why we’re not getting involved is because we don’t think we have a chance.” He’s looking at all the different factions that have formed among conservatives over the years and his focus really isn’t on the differences between different areas of conservatism. He cares about the Constitution and he wants to help bring America back to those foundational principles.

Now, the big question is: Does David Clements stand a chance against Tom Udall? His answer is yes, but he’s also looking at the bigger picture and what needs to be done to beat Udall. As he said, in New Mexico, Republicans have 32% of the registered vote. There is no way to beat a Democrat with the Republican vote alone, but Clements has worked with various independent groups and coalitions, everyone from Libertarians to the Green Party and he knows how to emphasize those issues we can all agree on. He believes he can unite all of these various groups while not compromising conservative constitutional principles. He believes that he can win part of the Democrat vote as well. There are already some Democrats who have changed parties to support his run. (Personally, I see that as further proof that there are many people who are registered as Democrats who are not liberal and who wouldn’t take a lot of encouragement to change parties.)

Clements hasn’t even secured the Republican nomination, as it is still too early for the party to back any one individual, but he’s already been contacted by many conservative groups out of DC that saw what’s happening in New Mexico and in Dona Ana County. He has now met with Gun Owners of America, Pro Life Alliance, National Right to Work and Campaign for Liberty, all of whom are interested in endorsing his campaign. He’s also met with Senator Mike Lee’s people who believe that he holds many of the same views as Senator Lee and who plan on discussing Clements’ run with his chief of staff in terms of supporting the campaign. He’s had similar interest expressed after meeting with Ted Cruz’s people who said that Senator Cruz is very interested in what’s happening in New Mexico. Clements also met with Rand Paul’s political director with similar results, so he’s looking at a pretty sizable amount of support from conservative Republicans in DC.

David Clements’ major goal that he needs to meet right now is to raise $100,000 by December 20 to support his campaign and to signal that he is serious and will be around for the long haul, not an easy goal for someone lacking the connections of a career politician and not being independently wealthy, but it is a goal that he feels he can reach with the help of people at the grassroots level giving what they can for a candidate who is so much like them and who they can believe in. He wants ownership of his campaign to be firmly in the hands of the people. He is a man who believes in a free market approach; who believes in the Constitution; who believes in limited government, but who doesn’t have all the baggage of being a political insider. His fancy vehicle, after all, is a 14 year old Isuzu Hombre that’s missing a hub cap. This is not a fat cat who is looking to get richer from an elected position. In fact, he has promised that, if elected, he will not serve more than two terms. He wants to help New Mexico and America and then return to his private life, the same as our early representatives did, before the advent of the career politician. He wants to simply raise enough money to run . . . and win . . . in 2014. So, if you like what you’ve heard and read about David Clements and if you want to help contribute to his run to unseat Tom Udall and replace him with a Constitution-loving patriot, you can always contribute at the following secure web page:

Once he gets past the hurdle of raising enough money, then comes the real fight, first to secure the Republican Party nomination and then to defeat Tom Udall and remove him from the seat he’s gotten way too comfortable in. Oh, and just as an aside, if anyone happens to have a hubcap for a 1999 Isuzu Hombre you’d like to donate, I’m sure David wouldn’t mind that, either.


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  2. David Clements for U.S. Senate Official SiteFacebook / Twitter
  3. Original article
  4. Reposted –
    1. Duke City Fix / Tea Party Nation

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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Andy Nunez (R? — Hatch)

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Subject: Andy Nunez (R? – Hatch)
Date: Wednesday, 07 August 2013 17:49:44
From: Mike Blessing
To: mikespublic @ Yahoo!, The Weekly Sedition @ Yahoo!
BCC: [87 individuals]

Date: Tuesday, 6 August 2013 14:56:30 -0400 (EDT)

——– Original Message ——–

2012 Hero Update — It sounds like 2012 NMBC HERO Andy Nunez has plans for improving our state and is making an important announcement TODAY [August 6]. Former State Representative and Mayor of Hatch, will hold a press conference at the Secretary of State’s office in Santa Fe today, August 6th, 2013 at 10:00 am. According to information out yesterday, Mr. Nunez will officially change his voter registration and then make an announcement about his future endeavors on behalf of this great state.

The NMBC knows Mr. Nunez well, a native New Mexican who has always been dedicated to the well-being of our state. He served as a state representative from 2001 through 2012 and is currently serving as the Mayor of Hatch. We can’t wait to see what his plans are!

——– Original Message Ends ——–

Since 2011, Nuñez has been registered as an “Independent” (officially known as “Decline To State” or “DTS” in New Mexico) since dropping out of the Jackass Clique.

Yesterday (Tuesday, 6 August 2013), Nuñez announced that he’s now a Republican in order to seek a return to the State House seat he once held as a Democrat and an “Independent.” See here for the details –

So he’s joining the Republicans after the McCleskey Clique of the NMGOP stabbed him in the back in the 2012 elections – from the above article:

Despite consistently voting with Republicans and carrying a controversial bill aimed at repealing the state law granting driver’s licenses to undocumented workers, Nuñez saw a political action committee of Republican Gov. Susana Martinez send out mailers against him, Nuñez said.

The question for those who support the ideals of free-market economics, Constitutionally-limited government, individual rights and public-sector fiscal restraint is this:

Now that Nuñez is in the GOP camp, will he bend his knee to accept the leash and yoke from the McCleskey Clique?

Will Nuñez sign off on the Bush / McCain / Romney version of Big Government Keynesianism when McCleskey et al deem doing so to be politically expedient?

Will Nuñez become a rural version of Albuquerque’s Richard Berry, stumping for big, expensive projects like the APS West Side stadium and the 50-mile bike path around Albuquerque?

That IS what seems to be necessary to get into the good graces of the GOP party-archs headed up by John Billingsley. As it seemed to be during the reigns of Harvey Yates, Monty Newman, etc., etc.

For example, Susana Martinez has basically signed off on ObamaCare, creating a “state-level health-care exchange” as mandated by Obama’s copy-and-paste job from RomneyCare in Massachusetts. It was initially billed as a website where consumers could compare health care plans – sort of a medical version of (or or Travelocity. So why exactly does such a site require a thirteen-member Board of Directors?

And then she supported expanding Medicare, as called for in ObamaCare.

What gives?

Those who put the principles of free-market economics, Constitutionally-limited government, individual rights and public-sector fiscal restraint above any sort of partisan affiliation want to know.

Another question for Billingsley and McCleskey:

Why should we care about your Democrat-wannabe candidates who profess to support the above-mentioned principles during election seasons, then blow off those same principles after getting elected?

I cite both of the Bush Presidents, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Heather Wilson and Rudy Giuliani as examples here.

I prefer an up-front opponent than a back-stabber professing friendship any day of the week.

Mike Blessing / / Phone – 001-505-249-1248
Creator, Host and Publisher, The Weekly Sedition

Who owns you? Who runs your life? Who should – you or someone else?
Freedom is the answer – what’s the question?

“An elephant: A mouse built to government specifications.”
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“Be wary of strong drink. It can make you shoot at tax collectors — and miss.”
“In a mature society, ‘civil servant’ is semantically equal to ‘civil master.'”
“Place your clothes and weapons where you can find them in the dark.”
“Taxes are not levied for the benefit of the taxed.”
– Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love, The Notebooks of Lazarus Long

“Government is the disease that masquerades as its own cure.”
– Robert LeFevre

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
– Samuel Adams, speech at the Philadelphia State House, August 1, 1776.

“If you wanna live long on your own terms
You gotta be willing to crash and burn”
– Motley Crue, “Primal Scream”


  1. Pages about Mr. Nuñez – Ballotpedia / Project Vote Smart / Vote-NM
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Saturday, 27 July 2013

About the CPB, Republicans and Statism

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——– Original Message ——–
Subject: About the CPB, Republicans and Statism
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2013 19:46:48 -0600
From: Mike Blessing
To: [85 individuals]

7/26/2013 6:29 AM:

FYI: In addition to foundation money, tax dollars are also given to the CPB which runs PBS stations around the nation. The taxpayer is not asked whether he wishes to contribute. That should be stopped and we have the right to demand it.

Starting in 1994, the Republicans have been promising to do exactly this – defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting – during most if not all election seasons.

From 1994 to 2007, the Republicans held majorities in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate.

Yet the CPB never lost a penny in funding.

Thus, either the Republicans are so incompetent that they are unable to organize enough votes to defund the CPB while they hold legislative majorities . . .


There are enough Republicans for whom this particular issue is nothing more than PR copy for their re-election campaigns – “red meat for the conservatives,” soon to be forgotten after getting another term. Then when CPB’s budget comes up for renewal, they find “reasons” to vote in favor of it.

I disagree that “we have no voice.” We have plenty of voices. And we do have access to the media.

In these days of Blogspot, WordPress and YouTube, media access for the common citizen keeps getting easier and easier.

In my judgement the causes of the Republican point of view not being disseminated merits an essay.

What exactly is the “Republican point of view” ?

There seems to be a misconception out there in GOP circles that the Republican Party is about free markets, Constitutionally-limited government, individual rights and public sector fiscal restraint.

Given the track records of John McCain, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush and Richard Nixon, that can hardly be true. The federal government never shrunk much if any in terms on expense or intrusiveness under any of the administrations of the above presidents.

Even under “The Gipper” Ronald Reagan, the GOP’s patron saint of the 20th Century, the expense and intrusiveness of Washington DC expanded greatly. Reagan talked a decent game, but never really walked the walk.

Nor did President-wannabe Romney shrink government at the state level while he was Governor of Massachusetts.

While Senator-wannabe Heather Wilson was in the U.S. House as a “representative” for New Mexico’s 1st District, she enthusiastically supported the single biggest expansion of the welfare state in the “Oughts” of the 21st Century – Medicare Part D, signed into “law” by George W. Bush in 2003.

So why exactly should people who DO care about free markets, Constitutionally-limited government, individual rights and public sector fiscal restraint care in the slightest about the “Republican point of view” ?

He made his money through valuable capitalist methods: individual rights of privately owned property, voluntary trade, limited government and free markets. But in his basic premises he is wedded to the welfare state, which means the principle of unlimited government. In other words: statism.

I know the original comment was about Bill Gates, but this was and is also true of Mittens Romney, the GOP’s 2012 presidential offering.

Mike Blessing / / Phone – 505-249-1248

Who owns you? Who runs your life? Who should – you or someone else?
Freedom is the answer – what’s the question?

“Government is the disease that masquerades as its own cure.”– Robert LeFevre


  1. Reason: Consultant in Chief
  2. [LPNM] Carla Howell: Mitt Romney = Big Government


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Saturday, 19 January 2013

About those “flying saucers” . . .

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While perusing the forums of Free Republic, I found the following snipe attempt in response to a posting about supporting Ron Paul:

To: bravedog

A flying saucer on every rooftop.

35 posted on Thursday, May 03, 2012 8:20:47 PM by familyop (“Wanna cigarette? You’re never too young to start.” –Deacon, “Waterworld”)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

Well . . .

If we did get that “flying saucer on every rooftop,” then Mr. “familyop” won’t have much justification to snivel “Who will build the roads?!” as he (?) whines in support of the GOP’s social-engineering-and-welfare scheme of the day.

But do we really need government to spend a few million FRN on “rebuilding” roads? And forget about the hassles of traffic diversions, blockages, jams, and such.

NO, we do not.

But if private citizens build and repair the roads without government direction and subsidy, then what excuse would law enforcement have to levy double and triple fines for speeding through “construction zones” around town? And they do it, at least here in Albuquerque, even when the crews the extra fines are supposed to protect have gone home for the day.


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Monday, 26 November 2012

Republicans, Grow Some Vertebrae for a Change

Current mood: annoyed, bitchy, cranky

11/25/2012 9:29 AM:

> A small group of Republicans in the south of New Mexico have the right idea. They are planning to attend the State Central Committee meeting
> and start there to change things. Good for them. It’s the sort of thinking, the sort of effort we should all be doing. But most of us are not.

More than likely, they’ll get the same sort of reception that Morton Blackwell and the Ron Paul Republicans got from Reince Priebus and the RNC at the GOP’s National Convention in Tampa, Florida this past August:

“Shut up and go sit in the corner. When we need your support, you better be there for us.”

> Why is not the State Republican Party talking to us? Why are not the county RPs sending their members messages of future plans?

Why should Monty Newman and Jay McCleskey care in the slightest what the grassroots Republicans think?

After all, the grassroots turned out for Slick Willard Romney and Heather Wilson, after Wilson and Romney were handed their nominations on silver platters by the GOP-E insiders.

Face it – the GOP-E insiders absolutely love you when you’re marching to their orders, no questions asked. It’s when you start insisting that the nominees adhere to certain principles that you get the door slammed in your face.

Just ask Ron Paul, Gary Johnson or Adam Kokesh how this works – either one of them can spell it out for you in detail.

Neither Romney nor Wilson were anything resembling capitalists of the limited-government, free-market orientation. Rather, they are more the sort of false “capitalists” that both Frederic Bastiat and Karl Marx excoriated. Wilson and Romney are more properly called mercantilists as Adam Smith defined the term in 1776.

But we all knew this since February and March of this year.

If you truly want to show McCleskey, Newman and Priebus that you’re serious players and not just waiting for new marching orders, then you need to tell them exactly where in explicit terms where they can stick candidates like Romney and Wilson.

> Why are we not having town halls in major cities so that grassroots Republicans can mull over ideas, consider plans to become a strong,
> solid phalanx and attract more adherents?

A “solid phalanx” of star-spangled jellyfish is what you’ll get under the management of McCleskey, Priebus and Newman.

At least that’s what you’ve gotten in the past from the GOP-E gang.

How will continuing to kowtow to them as you’ve done in the past yield better results for you?

> Why are we not gearing up to educate the population about the virtues of capitalism?

Good question.

When did you start caring about these?

If Republicans truly cared about “the virtues of capitalism,” then why did they nominate the likes of Heather Wilson and Mitt Romney for ANY sort of public office?

If you truly cared at all, then you wouldn’t give Republicans cut from the mercantilist mold the slightest bit of slack, just because they have the magic “Big R” after their names.

What did I see in the 2012 election cycle? Did I see any of that sort of courage and fortitude?

No, I didn’t. Instead, most of what landed into my inbox was stuff like “your wasting your vote,” “Youre either with us or youre with Obama!!!” – stuff like that.

> I do not want to hear more of the same pabulum from the same elected officials that have not stood up for individual rights, limited
> governments and free markets.

What you need to do is tell the GOP-E types where they can stick the pabulum and those who push it.

As long as you continue to support them unconditionally after they give you that pabulum, they see that you’re willing to settle for it. Thus that’s all you’ll really get from them.

> Instead, I’d like to hear Marco Rubio speak and Thomas Sowells, Yaron Brook and Dan Watkins. I’d like to hear John A. Allison talk to us
> about his new book, The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure.

Start raising money – the sooner the better, as all of these potential speakers are likely to charge a pretty penny to show up here in New Mexico.

And make sure to keep the GOPNM State Committee OUT of the loop where bringing speakers in is concerned – or all you will get is more of the same.

For what it’s worth, I will observe with amusement the efforts of the “Ron Paul” and Tea Party crowds to “take over” the Republican Party. I suspect that future efforts in this vein will yield similar results to previous efforts along that line.

Rather, I predict it will be the C4L and Tea Party groups who end up getting taken over and co-opted by the GOP-E types, and thus subsumed into being obedient, servile troopies for them. In short, pawns.

So if you LIKE riding in circles on a bus for a few hours, if you LIKE the MC confirming the votes for the GOP-E candidates while ignoring the votes for your candidates, if you LIKE being told what to say and what to think – then please continue on as before.

Anyway, Republicans – PROVE ME WRONG (No one’s done it yet.)

Hey, no one ever said that living as free people was easy – if it was, then everybody would do it. Sticking to your principles and standing up for what’s right can be costly, in many ways. Sometimes you might have to lose an election rather than put a mercantilist with the magic Big R after his name into public office.

Final notes: Gary Johnson is JUST GETTING STARTED. He plans to do a 2013 college speaking tour, just like he did in the 2012 election. And at his Election Night Party at the Hotel Albuquerque, I asked him to form at least an exploratory committee for the 2014 New Mexico gubernatorial race.

Mike Blessing

Who owns you? Who runs your life? Who should – you or someone else?
Freedom is the answer – what’s the question?

“If you wanna live long on your own terms
You gotta be willing to crash and burn”
– Motley Crue, “Primal Scream”

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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A Vote for Gary Johnson Definitely Not a Waste

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A Vote for Gary Johnson Definitely Not a Waste

by Tom Mahon

Kenneth Brown, an economist, attempts to make the case that Gary Johnson’s libertarian candidacy for president may peel votes away from Mitt Romney. While portraying this as a blow to limited government, he fails to explain exactly how Romney would bring limited government and economic freedom to the White House.

Instead, as seems to be the case with most Romney supporters, the only case they can make for “their guy” is that “the other guy” (Obama) is so bad that supporters of limited government should abandon their principles and support Romney. I strongly disagree. In fact, throughout this campaign, I have seen far more examples of agreement between Romney and Obama.

It is only Johnson who will, if elected, bring the ideas of limited government to Washington.

On the economy and health care in particular, there is virtually no daylight between Obama and Romney. “Obamacare,” as we all know, has many of the same characteristics as does “RomneyCare” in Massachusetts. Now, of course, Romney says he would “repeal and replace” Obamacare, but his record as governor shows that he believes that government bureaucrats, not patients and their doctors, should control health care. Johnson would repeal Obamacare and work to restore free market principles in American health care.

In terms of economic growth, the real problems with our economy today is not the tax burden, rather it is bipartisan, out-of-control spending growth in Washington. Unlike Romney, whose specific budget cuts are limited to Big Bird and a few other trivial items but who wants a massive increase in military spending, Johnson would submit a balanced budget immediately upon taking office and would put the major spending areas – the entitlements and the military – on sustainable footing while eliminating boondoggles like farm subsidies and the War on Drugs.

Continuation of the War on Drugs is yet another area of agreement between Romney and Obama with which Johnson disagrees. Federal spending on the drug war amounts to over $15 billion annually and that isn’t even the real problem with it. The real problem is that the War on Drugs costs all of us our civil liberties, destroys poor and inner-city families (predominantly minorities), and costs us far more in terms of prisons, joblessness and other social harms than what Americans know.

Speaking of privacy, Obama and Romney would do nothing to reform or eliminate the absurd Transportation Security Administration which makes regular headlines groping grandmas and generally making life miserable for travelers, all with little to no impact on our security. Johnson will eliminate TSA, saving taxpayers $40 billion annually. The private sector – airlines, airports, or private security companies – will do a much better job for far less money.

And then there is foreign policy. Nowhere is the difference between Obama / Romney and Johnson starker.

Obama and Romney have pledged to continue this needless war which has no clear objective, has seen American troops gunned down and killed by their supposed “allies,” and will waste another $120 billion this year alone. Johnson will bring the troops home immediately.

Also, while Romney and Obama seem determined to start a war with Iran, Johnson will work to resolve the conflict with Iran peacefully as Iran has never threatened the United States and does not present a military threat to this country.

The case is clear. The only vote you are “throwing away” is a vote for four more years of bipartisan spending, violations of personal liberty and tragic soldier deaths in Afghanistan.

Our former governor, Gary Johnson, is easily the best choice for president!

Original article


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Ken Brown Is NOT a Free-Market Advocate

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——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Ken Brown Is NOT a Free-Market Advocate
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2012 21:40:47
From: Libertarian Party of New Mexico <>

Re: Vote for Johnson May Help Obama

This isn’t the first time that Kenneth Brown has blown off free-market principles to support the Republican Party, and I suspect it won’t be the last time.

How are the individual health-insurance mandate that’s part of both Slick Willard’s Massachusetts RomneyCare and the ObamaCare that was created from it compatible with free-market economics? They aren’t, yet Brown says that Mittens is the best candidate in the race.

Another part of this comedy of errors is how Romney, Ryan and Heather Wilson are crying that ObamaCare was paid for by looting Medicare to the tune of 716,000,000,000 bucks. Let me get this straight – these “fiscally-restrained” “free marketers” are complaining that Obama’s scheme to federalize health care is being paid for by robbing Lyndon Johnson’s scheme to federalize health care?

How were George Bush’s TARP bailout and Bush’s bailout of General Motors compatible with free-market economics? They weren’t, yet “Mr. Free-Marketer” Brown insists that the same Romney who supported both bailout plans is the candidate that deserves the libertarian vote.

Yes, Mr. Brown, I’m calling you out as a phony where your “free market economics” creds are concerned. Deal with it.

For what it’s worth, I’m proud to say that I voted for Gary Johnson and Jon Barrie on Wednesday, 24 October. When Gary and Jon talk about their Tea Party values, they actually mean it. Imagine that.

Mike Blessing
State Chair, Libertarian Party of New Mexico
505-249-1248 /

Who owns you? Who runs your life? Who should – you or someone else?
Freedom is the answer – what’s the question?


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Friday, 19 October 2012

Results from the 9 October UNM Rally

For those wondering how the Gary Johnson UNM Rally for Jobs, Opportunity and Diversity on Tuesday, 9 October 2012 went, here’s some of the details:

I arrived right at about 5:25 PM, after spending about ten minutes looking for a parking lot – the “A” lot was packed. I ended up paying the 7.00 for a spot in the parking structure next to the square by the SUB.

Upon arriving at the ballroom, I dropped off my plastic milk crate full of brochures at the LPNM table manned by Mark Curtis, Ron Bjornstad, Elizabeth Honce, Elisheva Levin, and others.

After dropping off the supplies (it was a bit painful to carry that crate from the parking structure to the ballroom), I met Tom Mahon and Todd Myers where “Jack Gault” was parked. They had a spare Sharpie marker-pen on hand, so I signed the van on the front of the hood – dead-center, right above the edge where the latch is located.

At the same time, I made contact with the Sigma Alpha Epsilon representative and made myself available for my speaking slot.

While waiting for my speaking time, I went to the “green room” and had my picture taken with Gary Johnson.

So I presented my speech, came in at 6:20 – 1:20 longer than the 5 minutes I had planned for. While I didn’t get the standing ovations that later speakers got, several people came up to me afterwards and complimented me on my bit.

Next up for the podium was the Independent American Party’s candidate for U.S. Senate, Jon Barrie. If Jon wasn’t running, I suspect many New Mexico Libertarians would be casting blanks come their time at the ballot “box.” Jon talked for about ten minutes, mentioned that the politicians had their chance (too many chances to be forgiven come the election) to fix things, and ended with a standing ovation from the audience.

Following Jon Barrie was Paul Gessing of the Rio Grande Foundation, New Mexico’s only think-tank that supports what the Tea Party claims to support – free-market economics, public-sector fiscal restraint, individual rights and Constitutionally-limited government. Paul talked about what New Mexico needs to prosper as a state.

After Paul, Jim Villanucci of 770 KKOB-AM spoke about how much crap listeners were giving him about his not supporting Mittens. After all, it’s either “you’re for Romney or you’re for Obama,” correct? Not even close – and with that, Jim introduced Gary Johnson as the only candidate in the presidential race worthy of libertarians’ support.

Here’s the video clip on YouTube of Gary’s speech –

What did Gary discuss? First, he talked about his business background – he started Big J Enterprises on his own out of college, built it to 1,000 employees, then sold it in 1999 without having to fire anyone. He said that his business career is just a testament to showing up on time and doing what you say you’ll do for people, maybe a little more.

His unsolicited advice to the audience? Go into business for yourself as opposed to punching someone else’s time-clock – you’ll find it much more rewarding. This dovetails with what I’ve heard from other libertarian entrepreneurs . . . .

Here’s some of his talking points:

  • With everything that you do in life, there are obstacles – you just have to keep going.
  • When he first ran for office (1994), the GOP leadership blew him off as “unelectable,” but he ended up winning the general election.
  • While serving as Governor of New Mexico, he vetoed 750 pieces of legislation – more than the other 49 governors in the country put together. He had thousands of line-item vetoes, taking it to a new level – only two were overriden.
  • With those vetoes, he saved up a few dumptrucks-full of ∅∅∅∅∅∅∅ by cutting out unnecessary spending and blocking regulations that weren’t going to make us the slightest bit safer.
  • The powers-that-be predicted imminent disaster after Johnson’s vetoes, which didn’t happen. Also, he was an equal-opportunity vetoer – he vetoed bad bills from Republicans
  • Of all of the presidential candidates for the 2012 election season, he’s the only one viewed favorably in his home state – “people wave at me with all five fingers, not just one.”
  • Of all the presidential candidates, he had the best record on job creation, except that he didn’t create any jobs as governor – any jobs created were created by the private sector. There was certainty in New Mexico’s regulatory environment, and that makes it easier for the private sector to create jobs.
  • Out of all of the presidential candidates, he has the most “Liberty Torches” from the ACLU (21 out of 24).
  • He’s the only candidate who doesn’t want to bomb or use sanctions against Iran. Iran isn’t the threat to America or anyone else that the hairspray-heads supporting the Imperial District make it out to be.
  • China isn’t a threat to America due to the way the two countries trade with each other.
  • Bring the troops home from Afghanistan now.
  • Military interventions around the world mostly create more enemies for America.
  • Marriage equality is a federal issue and constitutionally guaranteed.
  • He’s the only presidential candidate who wants to end the drug wars now. Over fifty percent of Americans support legalizing marijuana. Ninety percent of the drug problem is prohibition-related, not user-related.
  • If he had been president after “9/11,” hw would have vetoed the USA-PATRIOT Act of 2001 and the NDAA-2012. “Homeland Security” is incredibly redundant. Let’s leave airport security to the airports, airlines, cities, etc.
  • We need to balance the federal budget now – he promises to submit a balanced budget to Congress for 2013. Otherwise, with the current out-of-control Federal Reserve, we’re looking at a monetary collapse at some point in the future. What we need is a 43 % cut in spending across the board.
  • When someone complains about the idea of a 43 % cut in Medicare spending, the alternative is NO Medicare. (Same goes for the rest of the welfare state, too – tighten the belt or lose your shirt.)
  • Cut military spending by 43 % too – the operative word there is “defense,” not “offense,” not “nation-building.”
  • The current spending situation is the biggest threat to our national security.
  • He’s the only candidate who wants to dump the income tax, corporate tax and replace them with one consumption tax – the “Fair Tax.”
  • He’s the onlt candidate that would shut down the Federal Reserve.

Notes and recollections from the event:

  • The estimated total attendance was around 500 people.
  • Cleanup was rather easy – it mostly consisted of policing up unused campaign supplies that were left behind by attendees.
  • I was expecting someone from the GOP to attempt some sort of disruption – bringing in signs for Romney or Wilson, that sort of thing. Luckily, nothing of the sort happened that I saw.
  • I found some campaign cards from three Republicans running for State-level judgeships on the floor in the seating area – Miles Hanisee, David Standridge, and Samuel Winder. It was also reported to me by event staff that Judge Winder himself had been in the audience.
  • Someone (ID unknown) had apparently issued invitations to both Martin Heinrich and Heather Wilson to appear on the speakers’ list. After all, it’s a non-partisan event, due to SAE being a 501-C-3 entity and all. I was told that while Heinrich declined immediately, Wilson dithered and vacillated around about it for two weeks, declining for sure on the Monday before (8 October).
  • About 60 percent of the brochures that I brought with me were picked up by attendees and passerby – which helped a lot on the way back to the parking structure. (Note to self: get a hand-truck for next time!)

All in all, this was the best-attended LPNM event I’ve seen yet in my 18 years with the organization. Thanks to all who made it possible:

The UNM Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Jon Barrie
Ron Bjornstad
Chris Chase
Mark Curtis
Paul Gessing
Susan Ann Holland
Elizabeth Honce
Melanie Hyland
Gary Johnson
Bruce Levin
Elisheva Levin
Tom Mahon
Sean Mallory
Todd Myers
Kyle Ruggles
Jim Villanucci
Bob Walsh

Apologies to anyone I’ve omitted – the fault there is entirely mine.

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