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Thursday, 26 November 2020

Dominion’s – Buy 1, Get 10 Free (4 AM Only)

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H/T Tom Barnes at Thursday, November 26, 2020 at 12:12 PM


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Wednesday, 25 November 2020

What is “Spaceport America” but a Political Classhole Slush-Fund?

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Facebook always yields instances of the Political Classholes getting caught with their pants down and their hands in the cookie jar —

Peter St. Cyr
Tuesday, November 24, 2020 at 10:32 AM

An Independent audit confirms serious operational and management problems at Spaceport America. I repeatedly told embattled Director Dan Hicks he could not write his own public records law. This facility was constructed with taxpayer money and needs to be transparent to avoid these kinds of problems in the future. Click to read the report here: Authority – Investigation of Complaint Final Report.pdf

And what exactly has been launched from “Spaceport America” besides a few suborbital flights?

Wasn’t Virgin Galactic the “anchor tenant” for whom Reichsgovernor Richardson built this particular elephante blanco?

From SpaceNews — Virgin Galactic declares Spaceport America ready for SpaceShipTwo, by Jeff Foust, 15 August 2019 —

Virgin Galactic didn’t give a date for when it expects SpaceShipTwo to arrive at the spaceport — WhiteKnightTwo will return to Mojave to fly it to New Mexico — but that when it arrives the company will start with a couple of glide flights to test those upgraded flight controls and to get familiar with the airspace.

Once those are done, “we’ll be ready for rocket-powered flights,” he said. While there is no set number of powered test flights planned before SpaceShipTwo is ready for commercial operations, Moses noted there are currently eight hybrid rocket motors stockpiled at the spaceport.

Two other SpaceShipTwo vehicles are under construction in Mojave. Moses said the first of those two should be ready to begin flight tests in 2020.

At this rate, will Virgin Galactic be ready to launch anything by 2120?

Considering Virgin Galactic’s pre-COVID glacial pace of operations where “Spaceport America” is concerned, on top of the Beer Bug-inspired shutdown mania, it’s probably safe to say that 2020 is a write-off at this point.

But there’s always 2021, right?

Go ahead and feel free to make that bet.

But hey, at least “Spaceport America” has a nice new lounge that Governess Chipmunk can use to host one of her COVID-non-compliant parties

For what it’s worth, that State Auditor’s report that St. Cyr linked to above is great fun, if you get your kicks by reading about some of the ways that the Political Classholes have fun at our expense.


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Sunday, 24 August 2008

Election Corruption in New Mexico?

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GARY KING, Attorney General
Santa Fe, New Mexico                                                                                                             July 24, 2008


MISSING BALLOTS INVESTIGATED, Barrey Massey, AP, sets out just one of the reputedly four (4) counties with ballot questions from the recent primary, and the 182 “disappeared” ballots from Cibola County this office is now investigating.

AS JUST ONE CITIZEN IN NEW MEXICO, a state known for its widespread corruption generally and persistent “problems” with the whole voting/ballot situation which seems long-standing, with no accountability assessed upon its principals in at-issue counties, it strikes me that every citizen is short-shifted by these maneuvers which seem never resolved.

SERIOUS INVESTIGATION is long overdue. There are ways in place to retrieve ballots which may actually be inadvertently left in the machine at poll closing. Have you reviewed the long list of in-order steps required to remove ballots and tapes and close the machine? Surely poll workers, beginning with presiding judges, would quickly recognize such omissions, and advise the clerk or other in-charge election person, so immediate recovery could be made. If further delayed, a court order can move the transaction in timely fashion.

ARE THE OTHER SUSPECTED THREE also being investigated? What makes them different if there are discrepancies in handling and / or results?

WITH A CORRUPT LEGISLATURE BUSY WITH ITS TURF WARS, serious change needs to be put in place to reconcile these abuses when and as they occur, regardless of who handles the miscreant elections.

SOMEHOW, THERE MUST BE A WAY to put permanent estoppel on any poll worker who associates with these repetitive abuses of any sort. That includes the Secretary of State and any county clerks who may be stretching their authority by negligence or perhaps even incompetence . . . given some of the travesties perpetrated by these people upon the Libertarian Party in MIS-handling information, other actions relative to petitions, voter registration, and such matters. These latter items are well-known by Ron Bjornstad in Rio Rancho and Jay Vandersloot in Albuquerque.

THE BERNALILLO COUNTY ballot disorders orchestrated by the now-Secretary of State, who is third in line for the governorship, stand as a disgustingly sordid example of people who seemed full of excuses.

WITH NEW MEXICO A SANCTUARY STATE, we are all at the mercy of illegal aliens with photo ID driver licenses with impunity sans proper checking; even then proof positive stands absent. Provisional ballots are an abomination, clutter the works, and enable improper handling because workers can decide whether or not to count them. There is no end to the prospects of default here.

/s/ Christina Groth

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The Fools of April

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While searching for an innocuous little graphic of a hand grenade with a “Complaint Department” tag on the pull-pin, I found the news page from the New London (Connecticut) Police Union’s site

AVT sniffs out another big bust!


Suspect arrested on parole violation. Investigation leads to
$3,800 in cash and approx 1 1/2 pounds of marijuana.

Gotta love the above picture of the two Prohibition Agents displaying the weed and cash for the camera. Look at the stupid grins on these clowns — I wonder if they’re saying under their breath, “Are we gonna PAR-TAY tonight!” ? Hey, if they don’t like anyone wondering if they’re corrupt, all they have do is stop enforcing the anti-Constitutional statutes that comprise Drug Prohibtion.

Here’s more of the same —


How about this one? If this guy wasn’t standing in front of a marked patrol unit, I’d start to think that he might be affiliated with some skinhead or Aryan Airhead outfit.

Dirty Dog!!


How about this guy? If Officer Galante and Ike find out that police work is a dirt job!
Mat and Ike helped VIS chase down a weapons suspect in the woods behind Laurel
Dr. Both Mat and Ike are wet, muddy and forced the suspect into the dry waiting
arms of Billy Edwards. Good job … now go take a shower!

What exactly makes one a “weapons suspect,” I wonder? Where did our self-appointed Ruling Class get the idea that this asinine, anti-Constitutional, anti-human excuse for a concept would fly? Have they never read, or even heard of, the Second Amendment — the Constitutional guarantee that government won’t infringe Americans’ pre-existing right to own and carry weapons?

Hah — most of them — especially the ones whose constituencies are in the big cities — put forth explicit plans in their campaign advertising on just how they plan to enact more infringements. Here’s the thing — I’m sure that if the above cops had refused to enforce the anti-Liberty laws in question, then they would have been labeled by the lamestream snoozemedia as “lazy,” “incompetent,” or “corrupt.”

So it’s not these guys per se that are corrupt — it’s the system that keeps them doing what they’re doing that’s corrupt. As for my title (The Fools of April), well, that’s an apt descriptor for the earnest proponents of the corrupt system. They truly believe that they’re doing you and everyone else a favor by keeping these laws on the books, and creating more of these laws.