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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The Fools of April

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While searching for an innocuous little graphic of a hand grenade with a “Complaint Department” tag on the pull-pin, I found the news page from the New London (Connecticut) Police Union’s site

AVT sniffs out another big bust!


Suspect arrested on parole violation. Investigation leads to
$3,800 in cash and approx 1 1/2 pounds of marijuana.

Gotta love the above picture of the two Prohibition Agents displaying the weed and cash for the camera. Look at the stupid grins on these clowns — I wonder if they’re saying under their breath, “Are we gonna PAR-TAY tonight!” ? Hey, if they don’t like anyone wondering if they’re corrupt, all they have do is stop enforcing the anti-Constitutional statutes that comprise Drug Prohibtion.

Here’s more of the same —


How about this one? If this guy wasn’t standing in front of a marked patrol unit, I’d start to think that he might be affiliated with some skinhead or Aryan Airhead outfit.

Dirty Dog!!


How about this guy? If Officer Galante and Ike find out that police work is a dirt job!
Mat and Ike helped VIS chase down a weapons suspect in the woods behind Laurel
Dr. Both Mat and Ike are wet, muddy and forced the suspect into the dry waiting
arms of Billy Edwards. Good job … now go take a shower!

What exactly makes one a “weapons suspect,” I wonder? Where did our self-appointed Ruling Class get the idea that this asinine, anti-Constitutional, anti-human excuse for a concept would fly? Have they never read, or even heard of, the Second Amendment — the Constitutional guarantee that government won’t infringe Americans’ pre-existing right to own and carry weapons?

Hah — most of them — especially the ones whose constituencies are in the big cities — put forth explicit plans in their campaign advertising on just how they plan to enact more infringements. Here’s the thing — I’m sure that if the above cops had refused to enforce the anti-Liberty laws in question, then they would have been labeled by the lamestream snoozemedia as “lazy,” “incompetent,” or “corrupt.”

So it’s not these guys per se that are corrupt — it’s the system that keeps them doing what they’re doing that’s corrupt. As for my title (The Fools of April), well, that’s an apt descriptor for the earnest proponents of the corrupt system. They truly believe that they’re doing you and everyone else a favor by keeping these laws on the books, and creating more of these laws.