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Thursday, 24 January 2013


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After reading in Yahoo! News that a fifth-grader was reprimanded for bringing a paper ‘gun’ to school, I decided to open a new line of business for myself – that of paper arms merchant.

As the local crack dealer will tell you, the ones below are FREE – after these, you’ll have to shell out some hard cash.

For future purchases, I’m willing to settle for Federal Reserve Notes, but would prefer hard specie – gold, silver or platinum.

To obtain your very own paper weaponry, all you have to do is print this page, then cut along the dotted lines. It really is that simple.

First up, I have the Paper Pistol Model 1. It’s 8″ x 5″ – easily used in one hand.

Next there’s the Paper Assault Weapon Model 2. It’s a bit longer, so you might have to use the magazine as a foregrip. But that shouldn’t be a problem.

Below is the compact version of the Model 2. To get the full-sized version, simply click on the image (it should come up in a separate tab), and then print it out.

Either model can be folded or rolled up and still function perfectly – either one can easily be concealed in a pocket, in a book, even in your wallet!

And remember that since both of them are 100 percent PAPER, they will easily get through any sort of metal detector. Also, since they don’t use anything like gunpowder, there’s no worry about nitrate traces!

H/T to Tashie for the heads-up!

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Thursday, 28 May 2009

More Cash for Winston? (Letter to the Editor)

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As submitted to the Albuquerque Journal [Thursday, 28 May 2009 3:39 PM] —

More Cash for Winston?

Tuesday (26 May 2009), APS Superintendent Winston Brooks held a press conference where he admitted that APS was sitting on an extra $16 million, and had been sitting on that pile of cash for ten years [1].

Of course, in the near future, Winston and the School Board will ask us, the voters, to approve more school bonds on behalf of APS. Perhaps they’ll even trot out the old saw that “this won’t raise your taxes.”

So I pose the question to you, fellow Albuquerque voters — are YOU willing to give Winston and the Board more of YOUR hard-earned cash, so they can waste it or forget they have it? How many more child molesters can APS hire with that cash of yours?

Mike Blessing,
Chair, Bernalillo County Libertarian Party


  1. APS mistake yields $16 million

Sunday, 8 February 2009

APS Attacks Business (Yet Again!)

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Apparently, our role as Taxpayers and Citizens in New Mexico is threefold —

  1. Shut up
  2. Obey the members of New Mexico’s (self-appointed) Ruling Classhole peerage
  3. Send money as demanded by our Lords and Masters

Never mind that allowing such as Bernstein to spend our hard-taxed treasure in a manner that insults drunken sailors will only perpetuate this sort of mismanagement.

Hat tip to Paul Gessing of the Rio Grande Foundation for letting me know about this one — Educational Hubris.

Maybe if business leaders were more outspoken on opposing the tax-and-tax-and-tax-some-more-then-spend-it-all-and-then-some proposals that come from our “esteemed leaders” in Santa Fe, One Civic Plaza and the APS administration, we might get more for our money? Ya think?

Maybe if some of the local printshops in town would tell the treasurers of the latest bond or tax hike drive to “go print it yourself,” we the Citizenry might see taxes, and thus the costs of living, go DOWN a bit. Ya think?

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Another School Shooting

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Today I received a “friend” invite from one of the sites “powered” by Xanga — It’s a site (?) that concerns itself with how to live the proper Christian life. Not that I’m a Christian — religion and I don’t get along well — but still, I added “them” for the self-promotion value.

And the first update about a blog posting there concerned a school shooting today. Here’s the link to the AP article

Why is it with these school shootings (at least in America) almost always seem to happen in public schools?

Why is it that we never hear about students at a private school doing this?

Why is it that we never hear about homeschooled kids shooting their parents, siblings or neighbors?

Why is it that all of these shootings that make the news happen in places where possession of firearms is forbidden (exceptions made for cops, of course)? For example, the school I’m currently attending, Central New Mexico Community College, has such policies in place. We have signs posted at each of the parking lot entrances warning potential gun-toters about this policy, and that campus officials will prosecute to the “fullest extent of the law.” Coronado Mall here in Albuquerque has similar policies in place.

I’m wondering if such signs would be best accompanied by signage of this type —


Why is it that when people do disobey these restrictions and use a firearm to stop these types of “spree” killers (the term that cops favor at present is “active shooter”), we almost never hear about it in the lamestream snoozemedia?

Why is it that we never hear of “active shooters” taking their rampages to local shooting ranges?