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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Feinstein DOES Want to Ban All Guns

How many times have we, the advocates of the right to own and carry weapons, heard this from the hoplohpobes and victim-disarming hypocrites:

“We don’t want to ban all guns. All we want are some reasonable controls on guns.”

We’ve been hearing it quite often from all corners of the victim-disarmament crowd – mostly from the useful idiots who carry water for this evil, stupid brand of insanity (“I don’t like guns, therefore no else should have any”), but also from their legislative buddies, the same buddies who often have armed bodyguards in close proximity.

Below is a clip taken from an interview that Senator Dianne Feinstein gave to CBS’ 60 Minutes in 1995. In this clip, the Senator stated that her intention with the 1994 Clinton-era “assault weapon” ban was to require everyone to turn them all in to the federal government:

Feinstein is one of the hypocrites in that she’s had a concealed-weapons permit herself, as well as armed bodyguards from the California Highway Patrol (remember the TV series CHiPs?) assigned to her personally.

What I would like to know is when she’s going to have those CHP officers assigned to her protection detail report to Sacramento for other duties? When is she going to surrender her concealed-weapon permit?

After all, if she were honest and had any integrity, she wouldn’t have any problem rendering herself as defenseless as she wants to render everyone else.

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Monday, 28 December 2009

Will ObamaCare Become Mandatory?

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Here Obama says that health care insurance should be mandatory, like vehicular insurance, because those who pay for it subsidize those who don’t.

What he neglects to mention is that the only mandatory part of vehicular insurance is the liability portion — the part that covers the aftermath of you hitting someone else or their property. The rest — medical, vehicular damage, etc. — is OPTIONAL because the authorities who require the insurance don’t care if you harm yourself, just others.

At last, that’s the theory.

But if Obama has his way, we’ll be treated to that stupid gecko hawking us our medical care, too.

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Friday, 28 August 2009

Teddy Goes Bye-Bye

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Just recently (25 August), Senator Ted Kennedy (Fascist-Massachusetts) croaked.

Of course, Republicans are memorializing him in their own way by showcasing his 1969 underwater expedition. Can’t really blame them — after all, they’re Republicans, and that’s what they do — nitpick the “other side’s” personal failings while excusing their stupid, insane and evil policies.

As for Teddy’s swim that night, well, maybe he felt envious of brother Jack’s status as a war hero and a bit of guilt over skating out the Korean War in Europe, and plunging the car into the water was his way of making things right.

And of course, the Democrats are also memorializing him in their own way, by using him as a martyr of sorts to pass their stupid, insane and evil medical plan for all of society AKA ObamaCare — “This was his dream.” “Let’s pass it for him.” and such.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Democrats decided to revive their idea to re-enact the “assault weapons” ban, as The Barack said he wanted to do while on the campaign trail.


Now what exactly was Kennedy good at while warming chairs in the U.S. Senate? Let’s see —

  • He was good at sponsoring anti-Constitutional legislation.
  • He was good at re-writing the laws of supply and demand by exploding the size and scope of the welfare state.
  • He was good at invoking the memory of Jack and Bobby as a reason to inflict victim disarmament laws on everyone else in America.
  • He was good at poking the nose of the federal government into every aspect of Americans’ lives as he could.

So maybe he had a good life after all . . .?