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Sunday, 28 September 2014

About Illegal Immigration

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See these short but powerful video clips featuring Early Cuyler explaining the necessity of ending illegal immigration:

And here’s some bits from the late J.T. Ready of Arizona[1] if Early Cuyler didn’t convince you: /


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Thursday, 7 August 2008

America’s Borders Are NOT Open

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America’s Borders Are NOT Open
by Mike Blessing [ ]

Back in April of this year, I wrote an article titled “Bring It On, Al-Qaeda!”  where I suugested that we should welcome the imaginary invasion that the Busheviks say is right around the corner if the American population stops supporting their ultra-left adventurism abroad in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

The points of the article were that if Al-Qaeda really wanted to commit more acts of terrorism against America, they would be over here doing it, and that such a campaign would be quite easily contained by Americans exercising their natural, civil, Constitutional, human right to own and carry weapons.

Anyway, a few days later (6 April), some doofus posts a comment that “WE’RE READY FOR YOU WITH OUR OPEN BORDER!!!”

If the border (I’m assuming that the poster is talking about the southern border with Mexico?) is “wide open” as suggested, then why do people coming north without permission from Washington DC have to sneak across that imaginary line in the sand? Why do they have to risk life and limb being crammed into a semi trailer with a hundred other people in 100-plus-degree heat, without water or sufficient ventilation, to cross that line if the border was “open” as suggested? Why don’t these people just walk or ride across in the open if the border is as “open” as posited by the border-closers?

The fact remains that America’s borders are NOT open as suggested – there’s whole agencies of the federal government devoted to patrolling them, i.e. the Border Patrol, U.S. Customs, among others. Governor Richardson has called for National Guard units to be posted on that same southern border.

What puzzles me about this “issue” is that people who are otherwise staunch advocates for Liberty call for the border to be sealed, physically. I’m not even sure if that’s possible. And one thing that they forget is that a government powerful enough to keep all of the lettuce pickers out is powerful enough to keep us in.

Monday, 30 June 2008

Open Borders vs. “Aztlan”

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Open Borders vs. “Aztlan”
By Mike Blessing [ ]
First published in the February 2008 issue of New Mexico Liberty

A few years ago, I read an excellent book titled Enemies Foreign and Domestic, authored by former U.S. Navy SEAL Matthew Bracken. It’s about some private citizens who take on an out-of-control federal agency. The agency in question shoots some people at a crowded football game, blames the incident on “domestic terrorists,” and cites it as an excuse to outlaw “assault weapons.”

See to get a copy.

About two or three years after Enemies Foreign and Domestic was released, Bracken released Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista, which concerns the current situation with illegal immigrants from Mexico coming north into the United States.

I see a few problems with the premise that Bracken, the Minutemen, and others are crying about – that Mexican immigrants will take over state government, then have their proxies in the Legislatures secede from the Union and either have those states rejoin Mexico or form a new country called Aztlan.

First, this Aztlan “movement” doesn’t seem to have much if any credibility in the Hispanic community outside of college campuses and organiztions like the Green Party. A few years ago, a Hispanic truck driver making a delivery to a place where I was working was complaining about the idea of Bush-43 letting Mexican trucks on American roads, as per NAFTA. This guy said, “They won’t be able to read ‘STOP’ signs, how do you know if their brakes work . . . .” When I brought up the Aztlan idea to him, he said “I’ll shoot ’em all.”

Second, let’s say that the supporters of “Aztlan” did take over the state Legislatures of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah, as the Minutemen point to as the Aztlan objective. Once they’re in power, they’ll have access to all sorts of federal funding from Washington DC, and they won’t want to give that up. The minute they seceded, that cash flow would be cut off.

Third, the last time that some states tried to secede from the Union was 1861. Four years and 620,000 dead people later, those states were once again Union territory.

What I just don’t get is why libertarians would jump on board the close-the-border bandwagon, when all of the “problems” with immigration are really problems created by domestic socialism and intervention abroad.

“The immigrants will come here and sign up for welfare, Social Security . . .”

So what? The answer to this isn’t a border lockdown, which just gives Washington DC another excuse to infringe upon human liberty, but to shut down the welfare state. Or are we simply reserving the handout system for the native-born?

“Terrorists and criminals will sneak across the border.”

From what I’ve read, none of the Al-Qaeda operatives who were active on 11 Sept 2001 came to the United States across the Mexican border. Rather, they came into the country through the airports via flights from overseas.

And even if they did cross the southern border, what ever happened to the Second Amendment? That’s the one that covers the right to own and carry weapons, listed in the Bill of Rights as a check by the population against the federal and state governments against domestic tyranny and foreign invasions. Keeping criminals in check is a very welcome side effect of the exercise of that right.

Oh, that’s right – bureaucrats in Washington DC have been telling us since 1934 that the Second is a “collective” right that only applies to the state governments.

Again, I ask – what is it about the immigration “problem” that another law, another spending program will fix that repealing ill-conceived and anti-Constitutional statutes will not?

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Bob Barr Drops the Ball [1]

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At this year’s [2008] Libertarian Party National Convention, there were fourteen candidates for the LP’s presidential nomination. At almost the last minute, former GOP Congressman Bob Barr jumped into the running. There were some serious questions about his past — whether or not he had changed from being a drug-warring, pagan-outlawing, homophobic war pig. There were other questions about the “Bob Barr Leadership Fund” slush PAC that he had set up — while a sitting regional LNC representative, the Bob Barr Leadership Fund gave about 50,000 Federal Reserve Notes to Republican candidates, many of whom are directly opposing Libertarian candidates in partisan elections. Examples include —

  • Ken Blevens, running for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire — the BBLF gave John Sununu 3000 FRN, and NONE to Blevens.
  • Allen Buckley, running for U.S. Senate in Georgia — the BBLF gave 1500 FRN to Saxy Chambliss, and NONE to Buckley.

When questioned by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the Fund’s expenditures, Barr said that “”I won’t be cross-examined.”

Then, come convention time, the convention organizer, BetteRose Ryan of the Colorado LP was allegedly bullied by LNC or Watergate insiders to substitute Richard Viguerie as the convention’s keynote speaker at the last minute. Here’s the article by David F. Nolan.

Then there’s former Executive Director Shane Cory’s smear of Mary Ruwart. Shortly afterwards, I and others called for his termination from his spot, only to find that Cory had voluntarily resigned from the spot beforehand. Why did this cretin resign? To take an editorial spot at, which Stephen Gordon had just sold to Richard Viguerie. Shane then set about blocking anti-Barr posts from the site, as Tom Knapp found out the hard way.

Following that Denver convention, at which Barr won the presidential nomination after SIX rounds of voting (a record for any political party in 200-plus years of American history), he seemed to toe the line. What convinced me to give Barr a chance was this note from Steve Kubby.

While the campaign site wasn’t exactly inspiring, neither did it have anything particularly damning in terms of deviations from the libertarian line. Until now — the campaign recently released this fundraising letter.

I’m still wondering where some LPers get off misrepresenting the libertarian position like this. Immigration isn’t an issue per se, but is often pointed at as a “problem” in immediate need of solution. Any true libertarian can see through this shell game — the real problems come from Washington DC and Mexico City, not from people looking for work sneaking across the border.

And I’m wondering what the next issue is where the libertarian stance is misrepresented. We know that Barr supports some kind of “national consumption tax,” whether it’s a sales tax or gross receipts tax (where services as well as goods are taxed). The one that’s gotten the most press is the UNfair “Fair Tax.” So far, Barr & Co. haven’t tried to push it, but if the immigration fundraising letter is any indication . . . .

Last thought on this for now — this sort of fundraising letter is the sort of thing that should go out from a Constitution Party candidate to Minutemen types who actually think that the border can be locked down as advocated, NOT from the LP’s standard-bearer to the LP’s ranks.

ADMIN NOTE — There’s a reason that I put the “[1]” in the title — based on Barr’s past record and these recent events, I’m expecting more entries with this title, and I want to be able to reuse the title as needed.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Kucinich vs. Ron Paul

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Roger Kulp wrote on the [Ron Paul] meetup board (Here’s the direct link):

Sorry.But just as I am no longer a libertarian (Call me an an anarcho-Proutist.) ,there is no way I can support Ron Paulanymore.Six months ago,yes,but no more.

To say nothing of the fact,I believe in separation of church and state.I am an athiest.Ron Paul is a blatant theocrat.This alone is why he must be stopped at all costs.Forget every other issue. See what the God-o-meter has to say:


I guess you missed this part —

Somewhat surprised to hear Dennis Kucinich speaking against the separation of “spiritual values” and state in yesterday’s Democratic debate, God-o-Meter did some digging and discovered that the Catholic Kucinich grew up studying the lives of the saints and Scripture in Latin. In 2004, The Christian Science Monitor called him possibly the “most overtly spiritual of the Democratic candidates.” Oh what a difference three years makes.

If Paul is a theocrat, at least he reads and understands the Constitution, unlike Dennis the Twerp.

I also believe in the separation of corporation and state. American capitalism,isa creation of American government,with whom they have had a symbioticrelationship since the days of Alexander Hamilton.Something Paul wouldnever do.Ron Paul is an educated guy.He has read Mises and Rothbard,yethe holds up Milton Friedman,as a paragon of the free market.Nothing isfurther from the truth.I went last night,and am starting to lean moreand more towards Kucinich. Not ten minutes into his talk,Kucinichcondemns the corporate s tate.He won me over right there.

When has Kucinich EVER read Mises OR Rothbard?

Here’s a fun little read:
Would Ron Paul talk about this ?Or would he blindly agree with Rockwelland his ilk ? Kucinich said as long as we continue to shop atWalmart,for cheap Chinese junk,China will gladly bankroll our wars.

How do any of the subsidies mentioned in the report pass Constitutional muster?

And how many of the subsidies are handed out at the state and local level?

Ron Paul’s worshiping of the “free” market,is why he will not condemn Blackwater.What proof do I have ? See this : He has yet to come out with anything newer on Blackwater.He has been much too quiet on the subject.

Last time I checked, Dr. Paul has been hammering the Administration on the Iraq Occupation, which is a major source of Blackwater’s income.

And just how bad would Blackwater be if the company wasn’t contracted to the Bush Administration?

Then in the Q&A he talked about how American puppet governments in LatinAmerica were only an extension of the genocide Columbus and his ilk haddone 500 years earlier,which was why he would agree with abolishingColumbus day,once he was President.

Who here is stopping you from packing up and moving to Europe?

Who here is stopping you from turning over your home, car and other possessions to the nearest tribe of Siberian-Americans?

Watch this,if you have the guts.
Video here

Ever hear of TinyURL ? (Look it up on your own — and wipe your own ass for a change, while you’re at it.)

He also agreed American treatment of Mexicans,through illegal wars of conqueston Mexico,the Bracero program,NAFTA,CAFTA,are an accumulation of 160+years of maltreatment of Mexican people,as bad as anything done tonative people or African Americans.Kucinich agreed with this, and saida high-tech border wall will only compound these atrocities.The polaropposite of Ron Paul. And the 2 reason I cannot support Paul.As ananarchist,I do not believe in borders.The border issue alone,proves RonPaul is a bigger statist than Kucinich.

The noise about illegal immigration is simply addressing the symptoms instead of the cause.

As for “Ron Paul is a bigger statist than Kucinich,” I guess you missed Dennis’ proposal following the Virginia Tech massacre to ban civilian possession of handguns ?

Remember that Dennis is an avowed enemy of the individual right to own and carry weapons —

By signing up with the Kucinich campaign, you’re giving the same sort of jack-booted thugs that were killing people at Kent State, the 1985 MOVE house in Philadelphia, PA, Ruby Ridge, Waco and Rainbow Farm the power to point at your name on a computer screen and say, “This one dies.”

When will you post a “NO GUNS IN THIS HOUSE” sign in your front window or lawn?

Kucinich would be bigger than Ron Paul if he had half the grassroots supportPaul does.Capitalism is a failure.Socialism/communism is afailure.Conservatism is a failure. (Libertarianism is now coopted as asubsidiary of “The Conservative Movement.” Thanks in large part,to RonPaul.) Only Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich realize that we need tomove on beyond all of these failed ideologies.

Who’s “we” here?

And why is libertarianism “now coopted as a subsidiary of ‘TheConservative Movement.'” ? I haven’t considered myself a conservative for ten, twelve years now.

Sure, there are issues where libertarians and conservatives agree, just as there are issues where libertarians and liberals agree.

So I guess the conservatives will say that “Libertarianism is now coopted as a subsidiary of ‘The Liberal Movement.'” ?

Wendy McElroy calls Ron Paul supporters “Paul bearers of the libertarian movement.”I think that sums it up quite well.

Got a link?

Tom Knapp‘s commentary against Ron Paul actually makes some sense, from a libertarian perspective —

The truth is out there . . . but is it waaaaaay out there?
Incredibly Stupid Statement of the Day, 06/14/07

If it weren’t for L. Neil Smith advocating that the LP nominate “None Of The Above” for president and cross-endorse Ron Paul, I most likely wouldn’t be supporting Dr. Paul — Instead of a Speech

Ron Paul and Hillary Clinton are not so very far apart on health care.Bothare corporate shills.Guess what ? As an ex-libertarian,I believe inKucinich’s commie plan ! (GASP!) I have personally seen what highcopays from private employee- mandated health plans can do to someonewith severe chronic health problems. In this case my sister.She has adebt in the high five figures,due to compounding medical bills.She willbe paying on this like a mortgage for decades.Ahh the beauty of the”free” “market”!

Just ask Sala what a great deal she got while under the care of the British “National Health Service,” which is kind of like what Dennis wants to institute here in America.

I suspect that the main reason he’s not supporting Medicare Part D is that it was George Bush II that signed it into law, and not Al Gore or John Kerry.

Feel free to join the fray at these lists —

Ron Paul has been largely silent about American nuclear disarmament.Kucinichopenly supports it,and retooling labs like Sandia and Los Alamos forpeaceful means.Where is Ron Paul on this ?

Where in the Constitution are the labs mentioned in the first place? I’m guessing that the labs are covered under “forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards, and other needful buildings” ?

Another note — visitors have to register and log in to view his links page —

    Login required
    Sorry, to access this area you need to be logged in as a user.

What does he have to hide there?


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