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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

True TEA Party Choices for the NM Races

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For those that truly support the Tea Party’s professed values of individual rights, fiscal restraint, Constitutionally-limited government, there’s ONE presidential candidate who is with you – who was with you for eight years as as a Governor – Gary Johnson.

Likewise, there’s a candidate who stands with you for U.S. Senate – Jon Barrie.

Neither one of these gentlemen have used gun owners or LGBT folk (or members of any other “marginal” group) as political soccer balls to be kicked around when politically expedient.

Neither one of these gentlemen have sought to increase the expense and intrusiveness of government over the private sector, as both have been successful in that same private sector

Voting for anyone either than Johnson or Barrie is a vote against gun owners.

Voting for anyone either than Johnson or Barrie is a vote to federalize health-care delivery.

Voting for anyone either than Johnson or Barrie is a vote for bigger, more expensive, more intrusive government.

Voting for anyone either than Johnson or Barrie is a wasted vote.


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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Gary Johnson 2012 — Peace is Cheaper

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Gary Johnson 2012Peace is Cheaper

From the page of the embedded YouTube clip

Republicans are Thelma. The Democrats are Louise. Together they are taking our nation over a cliff. We have a President and a majority in Congress who insist on endless war. But a majority of Americans are insisting on Peace. As our President, Gary Johnson will end the wars and bring our men and women home — where we will rebuild and renew our broken nation together. We the People will have PEACE. Demand it. Donate to it. Elect it. Protect it. The fight for our liberty never ends.

Media coverage of this clip KOB-TV (Ch.4) – Libertarian Party releases first ad featuring Gary Johnson

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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Boston Tea Party endorses Joe Kennedy for US Senate

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Boston Tea Party endorses Joe Kennedy for US Senate
For Immediate Release
December 26, 2009
By Douglass Gaking

The Boston Tea Party National Committee has, by a vote of 4-0 with two members not voting, endorsed Joe Kennedy for US Senate. Joe Kennedy is running as an independent in the special election to fill the seat vacated by the late Edward Kennedy from Massachusetts (he is not related to the late Senator).

Joe Kennedy recently announced his support of HR 4248, the Free Competition in Currency Act, a bill endorsed by the BTP National Committee as part of the “Honest Money” Resolution. At-Large Rep. Darryl W. Perry said, “Joe Kennedy is the only candidate (in this election) that supports a Competitive Currency (establishing an effective monetary policy to maintain strong currency at home and a competitive currency abroad for balancing trade,) and an Audit/End of the Federal Reserve System.”

BTP Chairman Douglass Gaking added, “He supports Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed and Free Competition of Currency acts and takes a strict libertarian position on just about everything.”

In accepting the endorsement, Kennedy commented, “I am very excited to receive the endorsement of the Boston Tea Party. Before I was a politician I was a TEA Party Activist and like millions of others I see the looming problems with our government. Our great nation is rapidly racing toward bankruptcy. Taxation is growing without restraint and the freedoms and ideals we grew up with are vanishing. All the while our politicians have stopped caring and stopped listening to the wants and needs of the population. As a country we deserve lower taxes and a smaller, more responsible and less intrusive government. As TEA Party Activists we insist on more freedom, State’s rights and a government that listens to the people it represents not one that takes our money and turns a deaf ear to the population it supports. These are the needs of our nation and the foundation of the Boston Tea Party and my candidacy. I am running on Tea Party Principals and I will represent them fully in the Senate. My gratitude (goes out) to the Boston Tea Party for the honor of their endorsement.”

The Boston Tea Party was founded in 2006 with a one sentence platform, “The Boston Tea Party supports reducing the size, scope and power of government at all levels and on all issues, and opposes increasing the size, scope and power of government at any level, for any purpose.” In October 2008, the party’s National Convention adopted the four point program of the Campaign for Liberty. Their program calls for an end to overseas occupation, a restoration of privacy and other liberties, no increase in the national debt, and a thorough review of the Federal Reserve.

For more information, see the following —

Kennedy’s website

The Boston Tea Party Official Site

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Wednesday, 20 May 2009


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I’ve been seeing more and more of Adam Kokesh on the web, and I like what I see from him more and more.

For those who don’t know, Adam is considering a run for U.S. Congress in New Mexico’s Third District, against the incumbent, Ben Ray Lujan.

Will the GOPNM get behind Adam for his run? I can’t really say for sure — the Republican Party of New Mexico has definitely supported its share of big-government candidates — Heather Wilson and Pete Domenici come to mind there. The GOPNM has supported its share of losers in the 3rd District, as well —

  • F. Gregg Bemis Jr. got an “F” rating from GOA in the 1994 race, while Bill Richardson got a “C.”
  • Dan East ran in 2008 as a typical Bushevik neo-con, supporting the Iraq Occupation and waffling on the Second Amendment.

As for his opponent, Ben Ray Lujan, well . . . Ben Ray is the poster boy for New Mexico’s patron system, where it helps A LOT to know someone who’s politically connected, and it helps EVEN MORE if you can grease the right palms (cash ØØØØ only, please!) — especially if you’re seeking government-sector employment or contracts. After all, his old man, Ben Lujan Sr., IS the Speaker of New Mexico’s State House of Representatives. The scuttlebutt in some circles seems to be that Ben Ray wouldn’t have received the Democratic nomination for the Third District if his daddy wasn’t the Speaker.

And I can’t resist posting this image of a campaign T-shirt — it’s PURE GENIUS!

Adam’s blogKokesh for Congress
It doesn’t hurt at all that Ron Paul weighed in on his side

And don’t forget to visit his Money bomb site!

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

New Mexico Liberty (the site)

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I’ve just signed up with, a non-partisan site started by Jim Scarantino of the Weekly Alibi and supported by Paul Gessing of the Rio Grande Foundation [RGF].

The RGF is the non-partisan 501-c-3 think tank here in New Mexico that promotes fiscal responsibility and limited government. The RGF’s core “platform” covers mostly education (partnering with Educate New Mexico, taxes and spending.

The site says that it’s about “free and open discussion of the issues,” but I’ve been told to shut up before by moderate-libertarian types, so “we’ll see” is the operative phrase here.

The link to my profile there is right here — click on through and take a look at what the RGF is doing, what I’m doing with it, etc., and feel free to join in.

Saturday, 28 June 2008

The Boston Tea Party v.2

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Back in July, 2006, the Libertarian Party‘s National Convention saw the LP’s platform gutted by Carl Milsted and cronies, all to get rid of the “extreme” and “wacky-sounding” rhetoric contained in the pre-2006 platform, because that sort of language “scares people off.”

There’s one problem with that sorry excuse for an operating premise — there are people who are NOT scared off by the sort of principled rhetoric that the Milsted Minions are terrified of. Instead of being scared off, they are ATTRACTED by it. I ought to know, as I’m a piece of evidence supporting my side here. Back in 1993, I was disgusted by the Republican Party’s support for anti-gun bigots. At the same time, I received some literature from the LP. One of the news items covered was an “assault raffle,” where the Arizona LP’s Phoenix chapter was raffling off a MAK-90 as a fundraiser. I thought “Here’s a group that I want to be a part of.” I filled out and mailed the enrollment coupon on 1 January 1994, and have remained in the LP ever since.

As a result of the 2006 Portland Platform Purge, Tom Knapp founded the Boston Tea Party. The BTP (v.1) slowly became inactive, but Tom resurrected the BTP platform as the World’s Smallest Political Platform, or WSPP.

Fast-forward to May 2008. There are fourteen candidates for the LP’s presidential nomination. At almost the last minute, former GOP Congressman Bob Barr jumped into the running. There were some serious questions about his past — whether or not he had changed from being a drug-warring, pagan-outlawing, homophobic war pig. There were other questions about the “Bob Barr Leadership Fund” slush PAC.

In the midst of all of this, I saw a note from Jim Davidson on Facebook pitching the revitalized Boston Tea Party. At first I thought it was a joke — the first meeting of the BTP was held in Denver concurrent with the 2008 LP National Convention — but then I noticed that one individual, a Dr. Tom Stevens, was already trying to take it over, and the BTP hadn’t even nominated any candidates. Stevens and cronies have since resigned, after setting up a few bogus “state affiliates.”

When Stevens and his buddies quit the BTP, there was at least one vacancy on the National Committee. Somehow my name came up as a good interim replacement, and I accepted the nomination to the Committee. Since then, I’ve set up a Yahoo! group for the BTPNM and have recently applied to the National Committee for state affiliate status.

And so, I’d like to take this time to invite libertarians, both Big-L and small-l, to consider joining the Boston Tea Party. You don’t need to give up whatever partisan status you have with any other party to do it — all you have to do is sign up on one of the BTP’s email lists or message boards, and signify that you support the BTP platform.

Boston Tea Party USA Official Site
BTPUSA Myspace Group
BTPUSA Facebook Group

BTPNM Yahoo! Group

Thursday, 13 March 2008

We’re the Government — And You’re Not

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Monday, 31 December 2007

And So It Begins (?)

Re: And So It Begins – Lakota Sioux Prove The Bravest and Best of America

Maybe Russell Means has turned over a new leaf?

I wasn’t too impressed with him back around “9-11” when he was the LP of New Mexico’s candidate for governor — ask him a question that he hasn’t had a chance to rehearse answering and you’ll see exactly what I mean — click here for an example — I can personally attest to this, from a conversation with him on 10 Sept 2001 (I can put you in touch with witnesses).

That, and Russell came across (to me, at least) as the Native-American version of David Duke — he can dial the racism in his pitch up and down like a rheostat in order to suit the audience of the moment. See this speech.

Support him at your own risk. Some of my colleagues in the LPNM were dropping 500-bucks-a-pop donations on him back in 2001, after he was nominated as our candidate for governor. Imagine their surprise when he bailed from the LPNM in Sept 2001 and gave that cash to the “Independent Coalition Party,” which imploded as an organization about six months after Russell gave them that eight grand.

As for Russell being a “committed libertarian,” I take it that you didn’t hear about his attempt to cordon off the Pine Ridge Reservation in 2006, trying to stop people from bringing alcohol in? What “libertarian” tries to reinstate Prohibition?


That’s what I posted as a comment to Kate’s article (linked to above at the top). I have no doubts about Kate’s commitment to the libertarian cause, she’s a hell of a writer, and the rest of her resume would fill out the CV’s of three people with stuff left over.

But I think that in this case, she’s been snookered by Russell and the Meanies

My conversation with Russell on 10 Sept 2001 went like this —

Me — How would you as governor handle something like Waco if it happened in New Mexico or like what happened to Tom Moore in Alamogordo, where the feds show up out of nowhere and start doing their thing?

(Five to ten seconds go by, and Russell has this deer-in-the-headlights expression on his face — I can almost see the little wheels turning, the smoke coming out of his ears . . .)

Russell — There are no secrets in a free society.

(I’m thinking “WHAT the fuck?!”)

Me — When these people show up for a raid like Waco or like at Tom Moore’s place, they don’t tell anyone they’re coming — they just show up out of the blue with a hundred or so people and start tearing things apart. How would you handle this as Governor?

(Another five to ten seconds of Russell and his deer-in-the-headlights expression, smoke coming out of his ears . . .)

Russell — I’d let all of the non-violent people out of prison.

Basically, his schtick when cornered like I did to him then (and in general) is to throw out some mystical, profound-sounding bullshit and hope no one questions it. If you DO question it, then you’re a “racist” (especially if you’re Caucasian), or a “dupe” of Whitey. He’s been known to refer to black people who aren’t on his side as “house niggers,” for example.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

New Mexico Liberty — December 2007

The Official Newsletter of the Libertarian Party of New Mexico

December 2007 — — Vol.2.1 No.12

EditorMike Blessing [ ]
Print Distribution — Ron Bjornstad / Bill Koehler
PublisherKCUF Media

Who owns you? Who runs your life?
Who should — YOU or SOMEONE ELSE?

[These are the links to the HTML versions of each article or section that I’ve posted to the Myspace page. The PDF version is available in the Files section of the NM Liberty Yahoo! group (the link is above) and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and read the file — — MWB]

Notes from the Editor

Field Reports / Calendar

Voice of the Chair

The Call of the Entrepeneur

The 2008 LPNM Road-To-Freedom Motorcycle Raffle

Ending the Empire of Lies

Was This Really Necessary?

Cartoons, Quotes

Authorization for Automated Transfers

Contacts / Internet Resources


LPNM Enrollment / Renewal / Donations

Thursday, 15 November 2007

A Cop Says “Legalize Drugs”

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Case for Legalizing Drugs

Getting them where it really hurts – in the wallet!

By Matt Berger

Originally published in the November 2007 issue of Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement

In the May issue, Dave Street made a compelling argument for maintaining the prohibition of illict drugs. Street was absolutely accurate in his depiction of the downward spiral of the drug user / addict, and the ravages of drugs upon individuals and society. Most likely, Street’s moral convictions are a large part of his desire to see drugs remain illegal, and again, I agree with him. I find recreational use of narcotics morally reprehensible, and have nothing but contempt for such behavior.

The problem, as I see it, is that we’re letting our beliefs get in the way of a pragmatic, effective solution to “the war on drugs.”

The drug trade is an extremely lucrative big business, with returns so high that legions of people are willing to risk life and imprisonment to pursue a career in the supplying of drugs. They are willing to be ruthless, to murder, and even to corrupt governments to carry out their business. On the user level, they are willing to steal, rob, burglarize, and worse, just to keep their supply flowing.

The profits fuel drug cartels at the top, filtering down to dealers and gangs, with endless capital with which to carry out their deeds. Worst of all, it breeds crime, both violent and deadly violent on the streets.

But what would happen to these cartels, dealers and gang-bangers if we were to dry up their financial infrastructure overnight? Surely, they would be reduced to petty thieves and stick-up men without the pay-off.

A quick reference to history will turn up a very close analogy, the heyday of the mobsters during the prohibition years. The mob was at its apex during these years with the money-making machine of supplying illegal booze. When the Volstead Act was repealed, the money dried up, and the Mob was never again to return to its former glory. But then came drugs.

If drugs were legalized, they could be closely regulated and taxed. Prices would be driven down, and the junkie could simply walk into his neighborhood drug store with a script, instead of burglarizing your home, dismantling your air conditioner for copper, carjacking you, or sticking up the liquor store to pay for his habit. The passing around of dirty needles be curtailed. The violent gang-banging dealers in your town would have to subsist on a meager income of low-level crime, and the guns for their drive-by shootings, and the purpose behind them, would wane. The cartels and corrupt governments that thrive on overly inflated cost of drugs brought on by illegalization would also dry up and blow away.

Think about it: The local gang-bangers you stop on a daily basis, rolling in Escalades with wheels and stereo equipment that cost more than the boat you dream of owning when you retire. How do these punks who pay no taxes and punch no clock afford such a lifestyle? It’s because of the multi-billion-dollar enterprise that is the drug trade. No intelligence, education or any other qualifications required, just a willingness to break the law, and hurt and kill people as a price of doing business.

In a perfect world, we could lock up all of the bad guys for as long as they deserved, but we all know cell space is at a premium. Because of this, rapists, pedophiles, robbers and even murderers are getting out in record time to allow for the mandatory sentences of droves upon droves of drug traffickers. We could free up that space to keep the killers, rapists, molesters and the like behind bars, where they belong.

So, would half of the population become junkies? Of course they wouldn’t. Sure, a very small percentage of people would experiment, but for the most part, those who want drugs are getting them now, and those who don’t, aren’t and won’t, just like drinkers and non-drinkers during the prohibition years. That won’t change.

In the end, we can’t stop the users. What we need is a more effective way to end the crime and violence surrounding this insidious culture. We can stop the suppliers and dealers, their guns and violence, and their killing. Perhaps we need to stop thinking in terms of “throwing in the towel” on our moral convictions, and start thinking in terms of reducing crime.

[ Yeah, I know that advocating “we can tax and regulate the stuff” as a rationale for ending Drug Prohibition is pretty piss-poor for anarchist-leaning libertarians. Still, remember that this opinion piece wasn’t published in The Libertarian Enterprise, but in a magazine generally geared to those who are on the “front lines” and actively engaged in fighting the “Drug War” — these are the people who are tasked with arresting you for “possession” and “possession with intent to distribute.” If these folks aren’t willing to continue the fight, then it falls to the admin pukes and finally the Congresscreeps who write these asinine statutes to enforce those same statutes, and we know that most of them are above getting their hands dirty and risking their lives.

For more information about cops opposed to Drug Prohibition, check out the Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) siteMike Blessing ]

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