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Saturday, 18 July 2009

[ABQ Tea Party] HR 615

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Calling all Tea Partiers!

H.Res 615 is in congress. This resolution states that all members of congress will join any Public Health Care Insurance Plan that they create. We are urging you to call your Congressman and ask him to co-sign this resolution and you want to know if he does or doesn’t. If he does not co-sign you want to know how he votes when it comes to the floor. It is most likely that this resolution will not make it to the floor, but we need to let them know that we know it exists and that we are watching. If a Public Health Care Plan is good for us then it should be good for them.

Congressman Martin Heinrich: 202-225-6316 / 505-346-6781[1]

Congressman Harry Teague: 202-225-2365 / Teague’s offices in the district[1]

Congressman Ben Ray Lujan: 202-225-6190 / Lujan’s offices in the district


  1. It might also be useful to contact their local campaign offices, which I’ve listed below —
    1. Martin Heinrich: Sean Marcus — 505-231-2422
    2. Harry Teague: email / Las Cruces — 575-993-5197 / Hobbs — 575-397-2008
    3. Ben Ray Lujan — P.O. Box 31129 Santa Fe, NM 87594
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