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Friday, 12 February 2010

Stumping for the New Mexico Breeze

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Some reading this may or may not have heard of Albuquerque’s conservative / libertarian-leaning alternative to the Weekly Alibi — the New Mexico Breeze.

In quite a few ways, the Breeze is everything the Alibi is NOT — the Wikipedia article that I linked to lists the Alibi’s strong points as their movie listings (NOT the reviews!), annual “Best of Burque” contest, and funky personals adverts, which are always good for a few laughs.

In contrast to the Alibi, the Breeze offers insightful commentary about the politics of New Mexico. Instead of whining that “we need more [public] money for ________” and “this needs to be regulated,” writers for the Breeze actually have the temerity to ask questions like, “Why is this necessary?” and even better, “Should the State be involved in this at all?” Imagine that!

Why you haven’t heard about the Breeze, I don’t know — Paul Gessing has done some no-charge publicity for the Breeze — and that was six, seven months ago. Still, like everything else in the Land of Entrapment, the word takes a while to get around.

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