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Monday, 18 August 2008

Dan East, GOP Gun-Grabber

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Dan East is a Republican running against Democrat Ben Ray Lujan for New Mexico’s 3rd U.S. Congressional District seat. Recently, he was interviewed by the CNM Chronicle concerning his candidacy. His campaign website is The interview was conducted by Chronicle editor and reporter C.S. Tillman. The interview took up a full page of the 22-28 July 2008 edition, with a full-color picture of East taking up the top half of the page.

And who says that the media gives Republicans the short end of the stick?

Question number seven of the interview —

I strongly believe in our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. It is fundamental that people have an inalienable right to protect themselves and their families. That being said, I do not believe that armor piercing bullets, .50 caliber guns, or semi-automatics are necessary.

The Issues page on his site says this concerning the Second —

2nd Amendment

Protect the rights of Americans
Enforce existing laws and make sure violent criminals are punished to the full extent of these laws

Considering what East says in the rest of the interview, he’s a typical hoplophobic bigot, and a neocon artist in the same style as Comrade George XLIII and Comrade Senator McClown. He wants corporate welfare, andt o define marriage while offering (shoddy) lip service towards equal rights. He wants to be seen by the NRA types as the “lesser of two evils,” while pandering to the “leftists” in Santa Fe and Taos at the same time.

Of course, this is not new for northern New Mexico. Back in 1994, the GOP ran Santa Fe venture capitalist F. Gregg Bemis as their candidate for this spot in the Congress. Bemis was worse than then-incumbent Bill Richardson, getting an “F” from Gun Owners of America, in comparison to Richardson’s “C.”

As for the “lesser of two evils” argument — screw that — I’m endorsing Cthulhu for this office.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Ron Paul, the RINO

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Ron Paul, the RINO
by Mike Blessing []

I just know that I’m going to catch hell for this article, just for the title. But that’s OK, as I’m becoming known for having an unconventional take on the issues and current events.

For those who don’t know, “RINO” is short for “Republican In Name Only.” Usually, the acronym has been used as a term of derision for people such as John Chaffee, John McCain, and Rudy Giuliani — the “country club Republicans.” These are usually the folks that are OK with, if not active supporters of, banning your guns, regulating your business, spending your tax FRNs on “progressive” federal spending projects, and sending your kids off to die in foreign wars.

As if the Falwell Followers and Pat Robertson devotees weren’t bad enough, with their desires to put round-the-clock surveillance cameras in every American’s bedroom, to prevent “unChristian” behaviors.

The truth, however, is that these types are closer to the Republican tradition, and that it’s the good Dr. Ron Paul who is the “RINO.” The fact remains that Dr. Paul is the exception where the Republican Party is concerned, and not the rule.

While Republican candidates like to portray their party as one that fosters the shrinkage of government with spending cuts, tax cuts, regulatory repeals, and keeping the nation out of foreign wars, the reality is the exact opposite. Back in the 1850’s, when the “Grand Old Party” was founded from the ashes of the Whig Party, its ideological basis was Henry Clay‘s “American System” of protectionism, central banking and federally-subsidized construction projects.

This is exactly what George W. Bush has been pushing for the last seven years since being inaugurated — a 21st Century spin on mercantilism, where spending increases every year, more regulations come from Washington DC, more federal buildings go up, and more of a budget is needed for next year, so they can do it again — harder and faster.

This sort of behavior on the part of McCain, Bush, Giuliani, and most Republicans might be implicitly sanctioned by the Constitution — read Hologram of Liberty by “Boston T. Party” for the details there. Still, in contrast to the lamestream GOP, Dr. Paul has
spent the last year using his presidential campaign to ask the American
people, “Is this really necessary?” while informing the public that
NONE of this is explicitly sanctioned by the U.S. Constitution.

For this, Paul’s supporters are labeled “Paulestinians,” “Paultards” and “the Paulstapo” on Republican sites like Free Republic. (If that name isn’t a misnomer, what is?) If anything, the GOP doesn’t deserve anyone of Paul’s character. I’m beginning to doubt that it ever did.

That’s on top of the past ten years that Dr. Paul has spent in the United States House of Representatives, and his terms prior to that — all of that time has been spent by his standing up for individual rights. Granted, he’s not perfect — he apparently wants to curb the numbers of immigrants coming to America, and supports some form of state-level regulation concerning the issues of abortion and same-sex relationships — but at present, he’s gotten more press coverage for libertarian ideas in one year that the Libertarian Party has in the last ten years.

It’s for this reason that I’ve gotten involved with the local Ron Paul group, waved signs from the roadside at 6 AM at Albuquerque’s Balloon Fiesta, gotten spray paint all over my hands on two occasions, and that Koehler and I used signs from the meetup group as backdrop for New Mexico’s Consumer Advocate from September through December, 2007. It’s for this reason that I recently signed up to be the Ron Paul Precinct Chair for the 23rd Precinct of Bernalillo County, New Mexico, despite the fact that he’s a Republican candidate, and I’m an officer in the Libertarian Party of New Mexico.

Should Dr. Paul lose the upcoming Republican presidential nomination, there is very little (read that to mean “NO”) chance that I will vote for the Republican nominee. At this point, I couldn’t care less what the Republican Kool-Aid drinkers call me — “Paulestinian,” “Paultard,” “Losertarian,” whatever — there is no way that I’ll even consider voting for Rudy-Poo, the Manchurian Senator or Mitthead. It just isn’t going to happen, so Eric Dondero better get over it.

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Booted from Free Republic

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Today I discovered that my latest account on Free Republic has either been banned (deleted) or suspended, with no warning or mention as to why from the Freeper moderators. I suspect that it was due to a posting I made saying that the Iraq invasion and subsequent occupation was/are based upon bullshit and blue sky instead of anything resembling rational thinking or principles, and that the Kim Dynasty of Communist North Korea was and is (by any standard I can think of) worse than Saddam was while he was in power in Iraq.

Here’s the URL –

Here’s what comes up (at least on my screen) –

    This account has been banned or suspended


At least they had the courtesy to provide a link back to me. heh-heh

And let’s not forget that the United States government, in particular the CIA, had a hand in putting Saddam in power in Iraq – the Powers-That-Be wanted someone in Iraq who could stand against the Islamic militants that took power in Iran after the Shah fell in 1979.

Yes, I realize that it’s a privately-owned forum, and the owners and moderators can do exactly as they please. Still, they claim to be better than the Democrats, yet they behave exactly as do the people who run Democratic Underground.

UPDATE: 2 April 2008 – At first, the Freeper admin pukes had the word “Okay” linked to my personal Xanga site, as I have it above. At present, it links back to this blog entry. Hmmm. Cute. Here’s a screenshot of the source code. 

UPDATE: 17 November 2010 Now when you click “Okay” on the FR page, it just goes back to the page you were previously on. Here’s a screenshot of the source code: