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Friday, 1 March 2013

LPNM PR — City Oversteps Bounds in Attempting Minimum Wage Enforcement


Contact: Mike Blessing, State Chair
Alternate: Elizabeth Hanes, Press Secretary

[ALBUQUERQUE] – The Libertarian Party of New Mexico (LPNM) strongly condemns the decision by Albuquerque Mayor Richard J. Berry and City Attorney David Tourek to pursue legal action against Route 66 Malt Shop regarding wages allegedly not paid to an employee under Albuquerque’s minimum wage law.

“It’s not the city’s job to enforce wage and hour law,” said LPNM State Chair Mike Blessing. “This responsibility falls to the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions. In fact, the DWS website provides clear guidelines on how to file a claim. Why isn’t the city attorney directing the complaining employee to these proper resources?”

In various statements made to the media, Tourek has claimed the city flip-flopped on the issue of representing former employee Kevin O’Leary in an action against Route 66 Malt Shop because “no one was coming forward to help him.” Tourek had previously stated the city should not intervene in the dispute and that O’Leary’s only recourse was to “hire a private attorney.”

“The assertion that O’Leary – or any employee – with a wage and hour claim needs to ‘hire a private attorney’ in order to resolve the issue is patently false,” Blessing said. “First of all, the DWS provides a wage claim procedure specifically available to ‘any employee who cannot afford an attorney, and has not been paid his/her earned wages.’[i] Not only does DWS spell out on its website the exact procedure to be followed to make a wage claim, it provides a specific form for Albuquerque employees[ii]. Furthermore, any claimant can represent him– or herself pro se in an action against the employer in Metropolitan Court.”

Tourek claims the city’s decision to represent O’Leary is “an exception.”

“We can only ask ourselves why O’Leary should receive assistance from the powerful resources of the City Attorney’s office when so many other Albuquerque employees are denied such assistance,” Blessing said. “The bottom line is the city has no business intervening in a wage dispute, period, let alone doing so selectively – presumably based on the high-profile nature of the case.”

The LPNM opposes any mandatory minimum wage law as being contrary to the principles of free market economics.



Established in 1971, LPNM is the third-largest political party in the state. LPNM seeks to preserve personal liberty and freedom by opposing new or more restrictive laws, new or more expensive spending programs, and new or higher taxes. Guided by the Non-Aggression Principle, which opposes the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals, Libertarians promote peace, personal freedom, and unfettered capitalism.




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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Time to Go, Marty (Letter to the Editor (ABQ Journal))

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From: Mike Blessing
To: Albuquerque Journal
BCC: mikewb1971 @ Yahoo!, KCUF Media @ Yahoo!
Date: Tuesday, 21 July 2009 at 3:35 PM (MST)
Subject: Time to Go, Marty

While skimming the online version of the Journal, I noticed the recent clip about the upcoming mayoral race, in which both Richard Berry and Richard Romero promised to stick to the now-overturned two-term limit for mayors.

I note that the two-term rule was struck down by a court decision after a request from the current incumbent, who is on his second term[1].

That incumbent also stated twice, both before and after being re-elected in 2005, that he would stick to the two-term limit.

If We the People can’t trust him on this, why should we trust him on anything else?

Mike Blessing
Chair, Bernalillo County Libertarian Party
Albuquerque, New Mexico


  1. Term Limits @ Eye on Albuquerque
  2. This article was NOT published in the Albuquerque Journal