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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Barack the Barbarian

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Well, folks, it looks like veteran comics writer Larry Hama has done it again – this time, he takes on “conventional” “left” vs. “right” politics with a special focus on The Barack.

Web comic – samples of the comics published on paper, as linked to below:

Issue 1 – From a far away land rises a mighty hero. The son of peasants from two different realms, the one known only as Barack protects the people of Hope Kingdom at all costs. Watch as he takes on the likes of Boosh the Dim, Red Sarah and Cha-nee the Grim in this hilarious first issue! Cover A / Cover B

Issue 2 – Barack begins his assault on the Elephant Tower by entering the dreaded Labyrinth of Right Turns guarded by the Screeching Enchantress and her many-headed dogs. Meanwhile his other enemies plot and scheme and work their dire magicks.

Issue 3 – Barack escapes from the horrific Pit of Punditry and battles his way past eldritch threats and byzantine obstacles to reach the pinnacle of the Elephant Tower whilst The Old Warrior and Red Sarah nip at his heels. At the top of the tower Boosh and his evil vizier cast down spells and aspersions.

Issue 4 – In the blazing conclusion of the first arc, Barack storms the citadel of the Elephant Cult at the pinnacle of their cursed tower to free the goddess held captive there by the evil despot Boosh and his nefarious Vizier.

The Fall of Red Sarah – Red Sarah, wandering the Northern wastelands, stumbles upon the gates of a fabulous city on a hill, apparently deserted. Meanwhile, her least favorite barbarian finds another entrance to the same city. Neither suspects the secret horror guarding the city’s treasures, and neither will escape unscathed – if they escape at all!

Articles covering the series at and Wikipedia.

Finally, for those who are just don’t get it, there’s He’s Barack Obama! to really drive the point home.


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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Republicans as Nazis?

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How many times have the “progressive” “opponents” of President George Bush XLIII compared him to Hitler, and his Administration to the Third Reich?

It does get tiring after a while, but they unwittingly DO have a point.

What George W. and the GOP have done in between 21 January 2001 and 2 January 2007 is EXACTLY what the Austrian corporal turned Reichschancellor did between 1929 and 1945 — he took a pile of “left-wing” socialist economic policies and painted over them with flag-waving nationalism and racial and religious bigotry.

Well, the “Main Street” wing of the GOP, embodied by their 2008 Presidential candidate, John McCain[1] DID help George W. create the first round of corporate-welfare bailouts just before that election. There’s your “left-wing” economics, along with Medicare Part D, the resurrection of farm subsidies[2], among other things.

What about the flag-waving and bigotry, you might ask?

Well, what about the comments from self-styled “conservatives” about how “the Muslims will come here and force their ways upon us” ? Is that really true of all Muslims? Probably not for more than a very few.

Then, to compound the cover-up of the GOP’s “left-wing” economics, there’s the ongoing demonization of Mexican immigrants — “they’re stealing our jobs!” and such.

Of course, it should be fun to watch as the “progressives” either squirm to excuse Obama’s backpedaling from campaign promises, or they desert from his Ruling Coalition the Democratic Party.


  1. I can’t remember all of the times I’ve referred to McCain as “McClown” or “the Manchurian Senator” over at New Mexico Liberty
  2. Phased out by Waco Willie of all people with the  Federal Agriculture Improvement and Reform Act of 1996, while George W. signed the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002, where Republicans opposed subsidy caps.

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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Smoking is Always Healthier than Fascism

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As if ObamaCare wasn’t bad enough . . .

From the White House blog posting about the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act

This legislation will not ban all tobacco products, and it will allow adults to make their own choices. But it will also ban tobacco advertising within a thousand feet of schools and playgrounds. It will curb the ability of tobacco companies to market products to our children by using appealing flavors. It will force these companies to more clearly and publicly acknowledge the harmful and deadly effects of the products they sell. And it will allow the scientists at the FDA to take other common-sense steps to reduce the harmful effects of smoking.

I’m hoping that this little bit of anti-Constitutional BS will be struck down by the Supremes on its merits, more specifically the lack of merit. But with the confirmation of Sotomayor, I’m not optimistic.

I wonder if he had a cigarette before or after making this announcement.

What does it say when the guy with his finger on the “nuclear button,” the “leader of the free world,” and the “guy who runs the country,” can’t summon the personal willpower to quit smoking?

Friday, 13 March 2009

Urkelizing the Economy

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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Can you smell what The Barack is cookin’ ?

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There hasn’t been much if any mention of how much this clown looks and sounds like The Rock of WWF/WWE wrestling fame, at least superficially. Maybe they’re not close enough for Johnson to pass as in a police lineup, but they’re similar enough for parody purposes.

Can you smell what The Barack is cookin’ ? Reeks like a big pile of BS from here.

More on this theme later!