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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

The Former Soviet Union as a Force for Good?!

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Just when you thought there was no one left to advocate for the former Soviet Union —

No, that wasn’t posted by some 90-year-old veteran of the Great Patriotic War.

That picture of “Captain USSR” was most likely posted by an American twentysomething or thirtysomething, and then was “re-tweeted” by another American thirtysomething, one Matt Kuehnel, who had previously fronted for the “Libertarian Socialist Caucus” in the Libertarian Party.

No, I’m NOT making any of this up.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Blowback Comes Home to New Mexico

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I recently received via email a copy of the premature declaration of victory by the main beneficiary of the anti-Kokesh smear campaign. It landed into my inbox with the same plopping sound my dog makes in the backyard.


Dear Friends,

Today at the State Republican Party Pre-Primary Nominating Convention I received 107 votes and my opponent received 26 votes, totaling 133 votes. These results give us 80.45 percent of the delegate vote, confirming our expectations. This victory really means two things. irst, that my name will be listed first on the Republican Primary Ballot. Some have said that winning this ballot position is worth up to four percentage points in an election. Second, this result demonstrates that the New Mexico grass roots support that I have been talking about for several months is fully supporting our campaign. Our internal polling information agrees with these results that my opponent has a core group of committed supporters, but will be unable to attract the majority of the support necessary to win against Ben Ray Lujan, Jr. I believe that I am the candidate that will best represent not only the Republican party, but also the party of Knowledge in November. I have never been afraid of competition, but given this level of support, I am hopeful that my primary opponent will decide that he has little chance to win and will join our effort to defeat Ben Ray Lujan, Jr. This is an expensive endeavor and having a united effort, as early as possible, will ensure that we change the culture of corruption and dependence. But, who knows? As a rookie to the political business, the one thing I can tell you is that nothing can be predicted.

The party of knowledge includes Democrats, Independents, Greens, Libertarians, and Republicans. The party of knowledge has spoken in Albuquerque with the election of a new council and Mayor R.J. Berry. It spoke in New Jersey, Virginia, and most recently in Massachusetts. It is my belief that the party of knowledge will speak again in November and elect me to represent the 3rd Congressional Dis

I can’t speak for other members of the Libertarian Party, Boston Tea Party, New Mexico Patriot Alliance, and any other organization that I belong to, but I personally refuse to provide the slightest increment of support for this person.

I realize that I’m not a 3rd District voter, nor am I registered as a Republican. But I can still donate, write letters and post blog entries supporting the candidate who best represents my positions. I can promote that candidate’s events using the blogs and such available to me.

And the candidate who best represents my views, in all three of New Mexico’s districts, is Adam Kokesh.

One of the Libertarians on the BCC list for the above asked me the following —

I was not aware of any smear campaign. Is there a synopsis somewhere for me to look at ?

Basically, the neo-cons are pissed at Adam because in 2007, he protested the Iraq Occupation after being shot at during the Fallujah campaign (Feb-Sept 2004) and being discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps in 2006.

Here’s a sampling of links from the smear campaign.

Or just go to — seems to be the center of the Kokesh Hate Club.

It looks like this is part of a larger campaign by the neo-cons to purge the GOP of its libertarian faction, as the same people going after Kokesh are also whining about Ron Paul for the same “reason” — Paul objects to the Iraq Occupation. They refer to Paul as “RuPaul,” “NorLuap,” etc., and anyone associated with him as a “Paultard,” “Paulbot,” “Paulestinian,” “moonbat,” etc.

They don’t limit this sort of trash-talk to Paul and Kokesh, either. They went after Dr. Rand Paul, Ron Paul’s son, running for U.S. Senate in Kentucky, Debra Medina, running for Governor in Texas, and B.J. Lawson, in North Carolina.

Libertarians such as myself, they refer to as “libtards.” If you take a look at Free Republic [], you can’t miss it — just run a search for “libertarian” or “Ron Paul” there, and you’ll see what I mean.

Then they get pissed at us when we (LP members, BTP members, RLC members, C4L members, etc.) don’t support their candidates as much as they want us to (which would most likely require us to spend ourselves into poverty). This is part of what gave America Scott Brown as a U.S. Senator.

This is the same Scott Brown, who in 2006, supported MassCare, Mitt Romney’s mandatory health-insurance scheme, which I suspect was the template for the mandatory-insurance part of ObamaCare.

This is the same Scott Brown who recently voted for to spend 15,000,000,000 bucks for a “jobs bill.”

Here’s what Jim Bancroft, one of the anti-Kokesh hate squad, had to say about Scott Brown after I pointed out the “jobs bill” vote —

I have to sadly confess that I did not do my homework on scott brown…

We were so happy that a republican might win the Kennedy seat, I didnt care to look up who he was or what he was about

I went to his rally in Worcestor the Sunday before, was happy as a clam when he won, got totally embarrassed when he said his daughters were available, disowned him when he said he was proud of his posing for Cosmo because it got him exposure…and totally hated him since he voted for the spending bill because it meant ‘jobs’ for Mass……

The term up here is MASSHOLE…

All I can say is, hey, it was MASS, what did we expect?

the only consolation is it isn’t a democrat…except he is now buds with that RINO McLAME???

Brown wasn’t in Romney care originally, he was part of the mass care bill, true, I didnt know that either…(sigh)

the things you learn so late, I heard him in his speech say he was sorry he voted for MASSCARE but was totally AGAINST national healthcare…I dont trust him to be any more genuine conservative than LIEberman…

that means he will vote just like McLAME…ie, 90% like Ted Kennedy anyways

makes me so mad I could spit. So, on this one…I wont call you a moron.

Hence my previous comments — if they don’t want our ideas, then they don’t deserve our financial and material support.

Here’s the links where Mullins takes potshots at Adam —

Tom Mullins: Adam Kokesh is an internet celebrity and a war protestor who makes poor choices

Mullins: Kokesh’s actions “dishonor the military”

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