The Weekly Sedition

The Right Attitude

One day in late September 1967, shortly after we arrived at Chu Lai, the major got a captain from the 101st Airborne Brigade to fly out with us and show us the AO (Area of Operations). As we flew low-level down a road, the captain told Six not to go beyond the village that we were approaching. “Why not?” inquired the major.

“Because everything on the other side belongs to Charlie.”

“Not anymore it doesn’t!”

– Ron Chapman, “Flying with Major Beasley,” pp.99-100, in Hunter-Killer Squadron: Aero-Weapons, Aero-Scouts, Aero-Rifles, Vietnam 1965-1972, edited by Matthew Brennan, Pocket Books, 1992.

Now while the series of undeclared, anti-Constitutional conflicts in southeast Asia weren’t the best thing for America, MAJ Beasley did have the right attitude towards his specified duties – he took the proverbial bull by the horns and took the fight to the enemy’s rear areas.

And that’s exactly the same sort of attitude that I want to display here at The Weekly Sedition.

I want those on the “enemy” side to know that there aren’t any “safe” issues or constituencies for them.

I want to free the world for everyone, not just the conservatives, not just the liberals, or just for any specific group.

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